at night

big mouth
you eat
at night

big mind
you think
at night

big skin
you feel
at night

big ear
you hear
heroine pop
at night

big eyes
you see
at night

big feet
you thump
at night

big you
you fight
at night



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one falls
& the other too
they meet
on the same road
they walk

one knows what
the other doesn’t
know and they
both see how
they agree

they feel
something majestic
something beyond measure

one falls
& the other too
what they know is
they fall in
love twogether



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central west # 3

i saw you again last july
you can never deny
no more flood
and you’re no blood

i am no stranger
you know that
forgetting many names
i am in shame

i saw old faces
oh man how i’ve been
away sometime
forgetting many names

i am like a river
drifting from the crowd
you can never deny
who says i’m alright

i see you every day
oh man you have changed
i am no stranger
you know that



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i’m a picture framed in glass
unmoving, unchanging
caught by your flash

dust settles on my surface
breathless, life’s many pauses
i’m trapped, attached

i can’t speak, unuttered
this sound is but you



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of the first magnitude

star-shaped words
on grey stones

bursting rhymes
of life consuming

breathing new
heights of satisfied

love and resurrection
of a dead song
is played in
the morning sun



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something is
something that
is there

pulling you
apart from
where you are

putting inputs
of new and
you regain

linking two
worlds in
your hand

something you
have that
others don’t



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spectacles & tickets to see the downside

spectacles of
a dirty moon
and a bird’s eye view

lights rapture
all atoms in

ransom of gravity
accusation in
shades of liberty

pay for our tickets
and up we go
higher and higher

to see the downside
is an upchuck
to the stomach

there we go again
up and we see further
life’s animosity



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