From Here To Somewhere I Do Not Know

Where did you go?
You just departed
without my knowing.

You slipped away
secretly at the
middle of the night.

The door has shut
carefully and no
traces of you left

but all the memories
here, and there you are
somewhere I do not know.

I am saddened.
You vanished in the air.
We can no longer be together.

Problem is, I can’t
even think normally and
can’t act true to others.

Will you come back?
I can wait here.
Please, be back now.



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Craving To Crave You

still don’t
want to sleep.

is getting
late and quiet.

mind is
loud and honest.

think I must
need you here.

am craving to
crave you.



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This Day

decency to
you cannot let

abhor you more
than I can do.

is not what
I know.

only learn
to love you more.



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The Early Morning Drama

I arrived this morning
from my three-hour travel
and found you bickering
while the children have
so many frowns on their

I was a bit annoyed
but I kept myself calm
and started to pace from
a distance to the stairs
and up where no one can
see me.

If only you just smiled
and said the friendliest

if only you just took
away the bad mood that
spoiled the day,

if only you make yourself
the happy example to every

then there will never be
feelings hurt, there will never
be us who are so disgusted about you!



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All the places I go,
your face is all I see.

All the lines on every
song, your words I hear.

All the beats of the drum,
your noise distracts me.

Inside this mind,
in all my thoughts, you

are always there like
an apparition of a ghost.

Every time I close my eyes,
the darkness becomes you.

How could I get rid of you?
Your images keep flashing on and on.



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I can’t hear
you nor see you
right now.

My fear starts
to creep in me.
I am molested by

This sleepless
night recurs.

I can’t find
you anywhere but

in the
whereabouts of
the thousands lost.



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Left here in the
middle of nowhere,

dreams come to
white and grey,

I have all these
feelings too melancholic.

There is a
solution in my mind.

There are
distractions outside.

Sometimes I
act like a child,

sometimes I
miss you so much,

but I cannot love
you anymore since

you left me all
by myself, and I

said, “It hurts to
remember you all the time.”



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