Colors Turn To Grey

The wilderness is bare.
Some foreign hands steal
all green, the blue and we
are disregarded.

The highway is desolate.
No cars, no noise of an
engine, and nothing at all
to see, to hear.

The home becomes a house.
Even shadows are not there
to prove the presence of an
existence. Colors turn to grey.



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Old Songs In The Air

Old songs in the air, a melody
carried on and on.

I used to be that way,
an image made by those who
cannot turn their lives into

something in the level of greatness.

I struggled, fought what I
really wanted,

but the end failed me.
I became the song, the lyrics
of life, the sentence of imperfection.

Old songs in the morning, a
melody broken by some ghosts.
They remain to be sung, they remain
as a remembrance of a once upon a time.



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Glacier Of The Dawn

I commune
with the glacier of
the dawn.

the cold penetrates to
my bones.

No one knows
where I am except



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The Proof That Grief Is Not A Friend

The silence is not calm.
My head is a load of chronic noise.
Images of broken mirrors, of dull colors,
a savage burden to the blood and bones.
Where something turns into nothing,
a crude transformation in the circle.
Slowly I escape from the marathon,
from the task that is inexorable.
The movement is stuck, clasped from
woods of dark and the unseen.
Intolerance is not shy.
Lies are heard and manifested.
I am the aching voice, the proof
that grief is not a friend.



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In Triumph

A few of
them are left
and they are
scattered everywhere.

The noise from
their mouths
can gather troubles,

The hour is

The day can
just end worthlessly.
But I have survived.
I stood in triumph.



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The Night That Is

Night begins with the resistance of
I’m heading underneath the miles and
Each blink of my eyes is the orthodox
and the unorthodox.
You feel like something is scratching
your own skin.



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the truth about You & i

i am not consistent
but You are steadfast.

i am not great
but You are grand.

i am not a hero
but You are powerful.

i am not always there
but You are always present.

i am not thriving
but You are effortless.

i am not mindful
but Your thoughts are on me.

i am not loving
but You are the beloved.

i am always at fault
but You are the very perfect.



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