far from you,
and too much
absence makes us

we cling to
the loneliness
of our skins and
we sleep less.

far and we
can never be near
anymore, as we build
another life here.



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pungent less, darkened images.
blinding eyes, blinding until night.
dancers fade, monsters kill.
the game is over, song ends.

without the moon, descending hours.
drops of rain, scents of a lemon.
a pause, a stop, a maddening.
i slumber without dreams and motions.

wars never die, death stings.
eyes do not move, no more sight.
scenes blur, times spur.
i cannot go on, life fails.



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the moon waits
and the hours of the
dark and blue sky
bleed from the wound
of my own wrongdoing.

i escape your crowded
room, i escape a sun and
a day, keep myself at
the bustle of the late

rendering a life
away from the normal,
away from the typical
breathing of the public.




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my pirated
voice penetrates the

as i get
closer to your

and enter
your private



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Where I Am

I am where I am.

Where I am is the only reason
why I exist and you change every
moment of my substance from time
to time,

putting me here, with a reason,
with a purpose, that someday I
will truly understand.

My hope is set in the highest bar,

where fear is defeated, and I always
wake up, knowing and believing
that it is not yet time to
give up.

I am where I am.

Where I am is the place that
you want me to be, where I can
be myself and reach out to
those who are in need.



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what size it brings.
what brings the silence.
there might be harvest.
there might be revolution.

the transformation transforms.
the occurrence occurs.
the failure fails.
the death dies.

it is how we perceive.
it is how we react.
it is how we manage.
it is how we solve.



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The clouds are gray in
the orange background.

In the early morning of
a busy metropolitan,

chases the running hours
that go on forever.

It is not what I conceived.
It is what I perceived.

Heads turn to miracles,
coping from heartbreaks and failures.

It is not what they wanted.
It is what they experienced.



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