must be.
must love.
you’re too real.

went ahead.
took a ride.
slept less and less.

thinking of you.
making some notes.
forgetting behind.


at the right time.
now or never.
cannot decide.



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down, down, down

down, down, down,
i feel the string of madness
hovering around.

down, down, down,
i see the pit of darkness
sheltering in bound.

down, down, down,
i find the chaos of my mind
hammering me with loud sound.



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in the bandwagon of the public

gold, there is.
eyes unseen, the value
which cannot be lost in
time perpetual,

is so deserved by
those who steadfastly
work for the good of
their ideals.

i am in the outside
of the window that is
about to close,

in the big realization
that not everything can
be acquired too easily.

the hour is coming.
let me intrude in the
bandwagon of the public.



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wash the moon.
wash and fade in
this mundane atmosphere.

run with the horses.
run and move in
the dwelling of the less.

destroy the old.
destroy and rebuild
the shelter of us.



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it cranks
it malfunctions—

it’s me,
it’s me, it’s me.

this derangement.
i am tinkering my damages,
but i cannot feel such difference.

it occurs.
it exists.

this nature.
this circumstance.
this blight.



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before you end

just give me your last attention, then I will never be the same, old, boring emotion to your feelings anymore. the curtains will fall down soon, and i will turn my head up, and will behold your beauty forever.

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there is a savage that i know from a world where dust ruins the eyesight of more than these many visions. i close my eyes to un-see it, but it always settle in my brain. i feel its pang of interruption.


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