Of Us

What becomes of me now?
What becomes of you?
We become the two in shatters.
We acknowledge our pain.
Then we accept how we are.
The past things cannot be changed.
We are too careful today.
For when troubles overtake us,
we know how to protect ourselves.
The wisdom is too strong that our
enemies cannot destroy our foundation.



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The Last Sunset Of The Year

Many times my mind is fancy at you.
At thousand times I have quietly entertained
scripted daydreams and visual reverie of you
and I in a fantasy that can never end.

And here I am looking at the horizon,
waiting until the last sunset of the year
leaves a mark of breakthroughs and heartbreaks.



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The Empty Chair

Toiling stops for two weeks.
But the cars are still on the road.
But the earth still rotates.
But the mouth still talks.

Hours are hours and not minutes.
But days and nights still go.
But food and water are still consumed.
But secrets and lies are still hidden.

I do not see you sitting.
But I still read a book.
But I still write a poem.
But I still love my self.



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old trees

are the old
trees in the
field of the
ancient world.

rests on the
soil of green
leaves and the
brown thorns
are painful.



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Shelter is your warm

You do not own myself
but I do.

Empty is the river I
used to swim.

You do not scare me
but I am afraid.

Rain are your tears,
they are real.

You do not cry for me
but I weep many times.

Twilight is the coming

You do not sleep
but I am forgotten.



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I am in the
turn of the hours,
and the hours are
drifting too fast,
leaving me here like
a nobody but


the only one
who sees many things
from the inside and
the outside looks like
it will going to put
me somewhere.



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Into The Vast Blue

I jump into
the vast blue.

The underneath
reveals a

rare beauty
that eyes have

not seen before.
Yet, I now behold

what is new
and there are other

oddities that
I can find somewhere

while you live
a life of silence,

a pure reflection
of your imperfection.



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