Don’t Stop

Even at the beginning,
don’t stop.
Even at the middle,
don’t stop.
Even almost at the end,
don’t stop.

Keep going
when the sun still rises,
and it still sets, and
the moon and stars appear,
you’ll never comprehend the
art of greatness until all
the rewards of your hardwork
land in the palm of your hand.

Don’t stop doing the
good things.
Don’t stop treating people
the right way.
Don’t stop praying and
thanking God.
Don’t stop living in the
beauty of this world.
Don’t stop.



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The Beehive Of A Mental Drift

This cycle, recurs on
and on.

A minute to waste, an
hour of hate.

I transform to a plural
of diverse characters,

the one who gets lonely,
or the loud mouth like a
threatening enemy.

It numbs the bones,
freezes the heart,
drags the mind to the pit.

Each circumstance becomes
a question.

Sleep suspends like a
needle by the thread.

Horses aren’t flowers.
Rainbows are never grayed.

I look back at my past,
see the child slides secretly
to the beehive of a mental drift.



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One Day

One day,
you just stop
doing the bad things,

solace and victory
at the simple

glancing of
the universe, the
rush of the wind

on your head,
loving me for
what I am.



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An Imperfect Perfect

Are you seeing
all the aspects of
me in one frame,

Or a part in me
dwells temporarily
at one corner?

Am I like a
dot on the wall that
can be noticed at a closer glance?

It’s me I call
myself an imperfect perfect,
someone with a past, sometimes resilient.

I bend, I stand,
I sleep,I dream,I wake up,
and I fail, and I succeed.



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Pulled Closer To The Chasm Of Delight

Thousand nights, thousand heartbeats.
These feelings of madness running
inside me. I was pulled closer
to the chasm of delight.

You sprung from the place where
the famous words are secretly
hiding, and you did not argue to
be found.



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Abruptly Shattered

abruptly shattered and
the life of now

the end of
black and white.



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The Savages

They gossiped
at the dining tables,
they laughed at the
sight of the clowns.

They dressed
in purple ribbons,
their shoes are
armed with leather knives.

They shocked
their enemies with
their sharp fangs
and long fingernails.

They attacked at
the war of diverse
enmity of nothing
and evil.



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