the world around me is dead

it’s happening
it’s happening
it’s happening

the presence in frigidity
the aura that has no view
the power in perplexity

i can ignore
i must ignore
i will ignore

them aren’t too beautiful
them aren’t too sane
them aren’t too perfect

i’ve wanted to go
i need to stay
there’s a big transformation

i can wait
i can wait
i can wait



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i lost my old, happy self

i lost my old, happy self
in the raging sea.
and wrecked my

what you see now
is the version i’m told to hate.
i’m having struggles
departing from this.



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the smell of old men,
of hyacinths,
of long time ago.

a vintage thought,
an antique shore,
those skeletons stuck,
congested and buried in
our own history.

there are pains that can
be utterly remembered.
the screams of the past
are ringing louder every
time we close our eyes.

a ghost can be stronger
than a weak mouth.



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we bore the silence of the ocean.
we stretched our legs at the
rough surface of sands.

the sky above us is mad.
our deep dreams are gathered
somewhere in the space beyond.

a roar of the wild is heard
from afar. no sun can warm
us in the dark of the night.



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let’s swing until the heroes die.
let’s swing and make the gods resign.
autumn sings its tune of grey,
falling leaves are swift and gay.



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thirty years

we drag the fools
and carry the flag
marching left
marching right

the streets are congested
crowds of young and old
don’t ignore the consequence
each step is a progress of confidence

we love to shout
our voice is not cowardice
today is not ignorance
tomorrow is not fragile



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Don’t Stop

Even at the beginning,
don’t stop.
Even at the middle,
don’t stop.
Even almost at the end,
don’t stop.

Keep going
when the sun still rises,
and it still sets, and
the moon and stars appear,
you’ll never comprehend the
art of greatness until all
the rewards of your hardwork
land in the palm of your hand.

Don’t stop doing the
good things.
Don’t stop treating people
the right way.
Don’t stop praying and
thanking God.
Don’t stop living in the
beauty of this world.
Don’t stop.



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