It can be done.
The good and the bad.
We choose, we make

mistakes, we learn
and we yearn what
we don’t have.

We reconcile
the ghost of our
past with the soul
that yearns to return

and find places
in ourselves,
a solace,

a phase when
the realization
is a peaceful stance.



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is a mind that
thinks but shallow
in the inside.

come in pointless
motion of words
and the wonder

wisdom is in
the circulation of
a war that never ends.



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The Invisible

No one
sees but no

and everything
becomes vague in the
eyes, in the minds,

yet, the
one who feels
can always come

near and all the
energies of the sun
and the moon are exhausted.

These bones
may ache, may ruin.
But in a time when the

true reason is explained,
skepticism becomes conviction,
and there is a

motion from here
to there where goodbye
is also invisible.



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Almost Broken

I fell in love and
never expected the things
that can be broken.

When fire is exhausted
and feelings get colder,
one steals the joy of the other.

What broken hurts,
what lost in the middle
of the road can never return

but I’d rather love
you for the rest of my life
than hate you for your wrongs.

When someone ruins something
of my importance, and what matters
is how to accept the consequences.

All the grey becomes a sunshine
and every tomorrow has a gift
to open and I am still blessed.

I wonder how you’ll come back to me
soon, feeling the old times of
what we had and what we cherished.

I don’t even know how you feel
now, how you see me in my heartbreak
but I am standing still, becoming stronger.



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The Truth Of What We Are

I dream, a plethora of
your presence, an existence
that succumbs, that adheres

to where I cannot resist,
a desire I long to insist,
and yet, so vulnerable.

I wake up, and it’s real.
You’re here, the truth
of what you are.



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We Are The Infinite

It begins in my heart,
and my mind dictates me
that love will never be a
one way street.

A bond, a connection,
a feeling that will never
be broken, that will never
be lost.

A cycle that meets
in one point and a circle
that ends in one
common arc.

I cease to seek
for the right one
but pray that the best
will indeed come.

Then you start to appear,
like a fresh dew in the early
morning, so pristine like the
waters of the Maldives.

I love you purely and in
return you are like an
angel who is bound to conquer
my heart, my soul, my thoughts.

We are meant to love each
other not because of what
we want to attain from our selfish

But we are meant to love
each other so unconditionally
that even knowledge cannot fully
understand, and we are the infinite.



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You Come And Break My Heart

In a heartbreak room.
Hopeless, this aching.
Temporary, absolutely.

Far and unheard.
Nonchalant, your silence.
Unnecessary, unimportant.

The us.
It happened so fast.
It went away so quickly.
Too much, too soon.



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