End Everything, Forever!

When a part of
a whole is detached,
isolated and does not
matter anymore,

what should you do?

Identity from the
beginning changed
in the course of
terrible events,

not so expected.

What was there
is still here now
but something is really
lost along the way and

you can never tell

how much I have fought
through the years but
I am tired and I have
decided to end everything,




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You Loved Me More Than I Have Loved You

knew you loved me more
than I have loved you

that was the only thing
that can explain how we

When we were separated by many
oceans, we chose to end what

started. It was something
that broke our hearts,

that freed us from something
that we felt was wrong.

we just let the pain to fade and
even the memories have slipped away.



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Best Rendition Of Myself

give to you the
best rendition
of myself.

love myself more
than what I’d loved
in the past.

turn away from
the many sorrows
of heartbreaks.

remember you always
and the affection you
have been given.

be thankful enough
and be thankful for
the rest of my life.



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i am not scared today

i am not scared today.
the enemy has to worry.
the race has just started.
i can bring home the bacon.
the only crown is right there
and my deserving effort can

tell the rest of the offenders
to stop promoting bias judgment.

i am not scared today,
even when the war is too much.
i have my own weapon to save me
and the rest of those who are
victims of the maligned society.

i can be vulnerable but
i am not scared today,
i am not and I will not



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The Only Contemplation

I hate this other side of me.
The one that makes me cringe.
Talk to me about what you see.
Life must be a powerful tinge.

Sometimes I just want to fade.
My image is a banquet of colors.
I count the things I’ve made.
They only outnumber the others.

In the exact realization,
I have tons of questions.
This is a time for transformation.
I must stumble in progressions.



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They fall on a
Thursday morning from
the skies of clouds in
this Shanghai cosmopolitan.

I am a newbie witness
and they tell me a new
message that can inspire
me until I realize that not

all phenomenon like
this is common to my
Asian country, but let me
just savor the moment.

They fall beautifully
like pure, angelic tears
from the highest heavens.
They are majestic to my eyes.



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Hundred And Thousand

Hundred and thousand
in the minds, preoccupied
and unkind.

Hundred and thousand
of troops to fight inside the
mind and things go blind.

All become the leaders.
No one wants to go down
from the position.

All has hundred and
thousand pride, all tear
one another’s vibe.

They become the union
of complicated ones.
Lacking, destroying, abandoning.

Hundred and thousand of
them and they cannot even
witness to one.



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