Break With You

That’s what you feel.

It’s too much to handle.

Crying is an outlet.
Music is an antidote.

I left you by yourself.
Our sea of summer gone cold.

Breaking with you is not easy.
I grieve in this painful ground.


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Solitary World

in the same
phase, the same
energy, the same weakness.

bounded with
fences of broken glasses,
barbed wires, savage trees.

not the same
characters of the past.
We’ve chained, defeated.

this confinement is
our solitary world of
persecution and injustice.


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i don’t have time to write everything.
my hours are not enough.

there’s no room for me to think.
the space is occupied with bricks and junks.

there are enigmas and labyrinths.
my words are sealed with bolts and nuts.

these lines are written in lowercase letters.
these lines are steady and true.

and the hurdles are not myths.
and the hurdles are not sweet.


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you are vile,
a despicable fiend.
the tender savages in your mouth are poison.

there is a misery
in each defeat of our feud.
someone is subjugated.

there is a luxury
on a cloud nine.
the fiasco faces a ghastly vexation.

we agree to hate each other.
i can’t fix your peccadillo.
we agree undeniably.
i can’t fade in your scenario.
you destroy me with your subterfuge.
i can’t disappear from your window.


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i shed tears for u

i shed tears for u
when u struggle on your own,
putting back all the colors of life
to paint your old world,
defeating the grey areas
of black and white.

fight. don’t trap yourself in
the prison and hopelessness.

i’d love to see u again, riding the
horses in the huge, green fields.


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boundless zenith

no other sound but your whistle
is suffocating, penetrating,

you capture me undividedly,
giving me a chorus of finer flow
like crystal drops of dew,

slowly descending from a peak
of a boundless zenith.


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daytime boulevards

we fight badly at the dining table.
we lie awkwardly on the sands.
our fingers are dirty and long.
we used to sing corny karaoke songs.

we swim in the lake with our cotton shirts.
we buy cheap slippers and rubber bands.
our twitter accounts have only two tweets.
one from your yesterday, the other from my matinee.

we sell popsicles and polar bears.
our tiny bank accounts are broken.
your shirt says big wonderlands.
we only dream of daytime boulevards.


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Strong Words

I’ve got to sit down with you
On a side of a pavement, cemented
Bench facing the lanterened street.

Covered our mouths with
The velvet chocolate cake from
Your anniversary, dinner date.

I learned how to beautify
Myself in different brands that
You’ve always insist.

You always capture me in a daze
When you segue in our serious

Until I park myself in your
uncomfortable space, deleting my
Joker self to preach you strong words.

The hour passed, missing thousand
Blinks of our eyes, reaching the
the end of our discussion.

We might forget what has
Happened tonight as we indulge to
Countless arguments in our minds.

I’ve stood up with you
On this side of a pavement, allowing you
To eradicate all your confusion from your past.



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I scamper at your
door that

only when all sleep
quietly, in peace.

wake up seeing the
shapes and forms

turn into one big,
tangible conclusion.



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highlights of blue,
entering my iris.
a random clanging of bells,
soft, myriad and rubber smells
float ambiguously on my river skies.

a truck and orange bridges,
those tiny queens and kings
on our cards are the
only remembrance we can keep.

we break the fence of
our unwanted childhood.
when we go back to our
years of hide and seek,
we don’t see the truth
of what really happened.



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