Gratitude Of A Lost Soul

My eyes wander at the sight of sunrise.
The clear skies paint a beauty and beyond.
No innocents are choked in a murderer’s hands.
Flowers of red and yellow parade in my real world.

There are no nightmares in my sleep.
The jar is full of sweet marmalade.
Thoughts are poured solidly to our multitudes of poverty.
Hungry children will go home with abundance on their dining tables.

I pursue kindness, I defile evil.
Money is given to the one who deserve.
Prayers are generously uttered endlessly.
To end an ugly war, we defeat our selfishness.



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it’s not our choice.
dilemma is fevered.
twice is never enough.
the clock is still ticking.

there are shoes to fill.
but not all feet can fit.
we have different destiny.
sometimes we have jealousy.

the way we ended.
we did not love.
separation is bittersweet.
life tangles with death.



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wallowing, where the
grasses are steady and green.
the sun is hiding.
eyes don’t see the light.

sounds of moving objects,
cold breeze of the wind,
the taming of midnight,
these are not sickening.

i am beside your presence.
we mold a life with various shapes.
the whereabouts of kindness is candid.
our eyes are covered with darkness.



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fifth day

i’m visiting.
near at you.
the force i fear.
the push i’m in.
too close to madness.
too far from you.
a lonesome evening.
the hours become longer.



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moonlight in your eyes

i see moonlight
glow in your eyes.
the roses bloom in
your mouth.

blue skies motion
to sparkle with the
countless stars.

your presence
is the loveliest existence
that i’ve ever had.



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the slow dancing at dawns

pain whispers the
void of emotions.
love is hurt by
your goodbye.

drained in sorrow
and lamentation.
love is abandoned in
dirty fields.

so many ghosts
are telling us to leave.
so many wrongs
have ruined our days.

we live in the
angst of many yesterdays.
our only escape
is the slow dancing at dawns.



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are trapped in
the regimen of
the villain.

some footprints
left messages of



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