And The Stars Are Left Out There

And the stars are left out there,
isolated far from the prancing us.
The evening is a dark pit of thumping,
there is delight, there is a force of



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By Your Crimson Hands

You touch me by
your crimson hands.
I’m fragile,
I’m broken.



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Stripped From The Channel

What went wrong was
not your fault, was not
remorse that wrecked you.

In the days when things
were unsure to explain why
bad circumstances led to disconnection,

you broke out from existence,
stripped from the channel, and
utterly disappeared.



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Picking The Wet Paper-Boats

Encountering the rapid
flash of waters, drowning our
town from the overflow of
the river,

the fatal circumstance left
many homes devastated.
Children have to be absent in
schools for several days.

The ground became a
surface of dirt and sadness,
while picking the wet paper-boats,
I am reminded of my old life.



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Dancing Under The Fireworks

Outside, where the people are gathered,
on the streets, a drizzle from the skies,
no moon, no stars, but from ground up there
are fireworks of men and women, children are
dancing with their hands and feet from side
to side.

The year is new, louder cheers are greater
than grief and blue. The eyes of every passers-by
long to see the light of the dawn, the light of the
day is coming with a bang!

They continue to dance, they continue to
sway, they continue to celebrate the brand
new day!

And dancing under the fireworks,
dancing under the fireworks until the
hours are never spoiled with hate.
They will never love what is evil.

And dancing under the fireworks,
dancing under the fireworks since this
is the beginning of another time to
forget the pain that has brought by
the past.



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see your eyes
flashing memories
of your past.



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never a savage

we keep sailing.
farther from the old
and ancient sins of
our generation.

we reach the
soil of our true
selves, the home is
never a savage.



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