awakening me

into the animated time,
when this desperation
is rushing through the
countless tides,

escaping you,
ignoring you,
silencing you,
anticipating the end.

about to turn things
into good, but there
can never be better
consequences, now.

struggling this,
forgetting this,
truth of this,
awakening me.



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too long to wait,
too short to speak,

my toes are
red like

old ketchup in my mouth.



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This, You Must Know

The first time I saw you,
there was something that awakened me.
It lingered there, like a long summer season.

You made me feel that I’m gold,
that my value can change my ugly perspective.
You did not disappoint me, and I appreciated you.

Then, we parted ways.
Both of us have our own, separate journeys.
And we long to see each other again.

I say, “I love you so.”
I don’t know how you feel, but
this, you must know, I am thinking more of you.



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False Euphoria

scatter my mind
in the archipelago
of your existence.

expose yourself
in the most ignoble

can’t judge, I
can’t sneer at

false euphoria,
it elevates my
idea that

is being regarded
as perfect and we all
commit mistakes.



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autumn’s horizon

cobwebs cover your eyes
and from where you are
have cracks on air.

you stand on shattered
mirrors. the pain is the
enemy of your entirety.

grey sheets of the autumn’s
horizon are pasted like
dirt on the wall.



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Scattered diamonds in
the highest skies of the
endless universe are not
movements of procrastinating

but they are sentences
on public papers of offices
from Moscow to Hongkong and
Sao Paulo to New York city.

Wild beatings of husbands
to wives of doubtful marriages
send messages to police stations
from Cambodia to Colombia and
Nicaragua to India.

Songs from the mouth of
this generation are tunes
of endless reasons from good
to bad philosophy and

someone beside me
cannot take them anymore.



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the unfathomable love

hold me
like there is no
end of time.

hold me
where our universe
forgets who we are.

hold me
as we fight the war
inside our minds.

hold me
when your heart is
scarred with pain.

hold me
and together we are
the unfathomable love.



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