Without A Saturday

There is love wrapped
in paper foils and
the air smells like
a basket of magnolias.

High is the feeling
like a wave of intensity
and a roller-coaster ride.
I hum a famous song.

You can’t wait to stress
yourself in a time of knowing
how I feel about you and I.
Today is not for us.

What we realize from many
circumstances that do not
lie is without a Saturday
that fades our human thoughts.


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Everything On Friday

You said everything on Friday.
The words, the heights, the depths
of what matter for you and how you
love me unconditionally are all uttered.

I look at your eyes frozen in awe
while my feet are numbed on the ground.
I allow myself to float on cloud nine.
There is no more alteration to this.

I took a deep breath and sigh graciously.
We build a picture of a love story that has
been written by the hands of a divine destiny.
We play our parts very well like Gus and Hazel.


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The Thursday Traffic

I walk past the
rush-hour avenue.
All the red light
signs stuck too long.

Bumper to bumper
and suppressed anger
from young to older
drivers can’t be better.

This day is heavy,
this day is when we
find out that we no longer
love each other anymore.


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Wednesday Pop

Loops, up and down.
Slide into dreams
and the afternoon
slips like a bad song.

Zigzag, left and right.
Dive into cold waters
and the summer heat is
gone like an end time.

Circles, on and on.
Run into the lines
of a smoked marathon and
drunk are the fighters.

Pop, jam and jump.
Sucked into the world
of garbage floors where sex
talks cheaper on magazines.


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On A Tuesday Solitude

It comes.
It comes.

The first thing
I feel is the first
lonely hour of the

I shrug the thought
that bothers, the
thought that shatters,
the thought that hinders.

I cannot go on
like this with all
the holes all over me.

I cannot continue to
ache like a bad tooth
and ruin everything that
exists to be beautiful.

It does.
It does.

The breakdown is a
human experience and
I cannot avoid sleeping
without thinking of you.

What’s next is a
culmination of old
things that gone mad.


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The Heartache On Monday

You left me
frozen in
the rain.

The drops
of water
nip my skin
like sharp
needles of a
cruel finger.

All I see is
a silhouette of
torn and wrecked

I know I will
never see you

Days will never
be normal without
you and I falling
in love in a little
room of frolic and


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Being The East Boy

Almost the end
of summer.

The porch in
front of the
house is a
friend of this

I set myself
in a quiet

The morning
sun is teasing
who I am.

It all makes
sense to me

I can be your
friend and
I’ll stick
with you


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