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powder guns

sequence of confused arithmetic. while bullets upon bullets of powder guns, white soldiers. little children played outdoor quest, consumed like blueberry cheesecakes. 2011

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to deny the fact, it’s grinding twice and more

seemingly, substance looks noble— i’m in this tin on many hands, no ownership. lent from the source, it’s beyond evanescent. quiet and cold, my head spurns community. it’s a suffering without true blood, deep and deeper. these feet are not … Continue reading

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the cinderella road

we pick sunflowers on a summer glade— chase the butterflies of frenzied colors. the golden sun gutters a ray of life. our songs on a sunday morning are delight. life can be a pancake of honey and butter— our mouths … Continue reading

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governance & now, debars the debris

i rationalize that all gods are made of supremacy. their fever is riveted by the public’s eyes. days and nights are stretches in the toiling of human hands. in the quest of endearing is logic of relief. i cannot bend … Continue reading

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between the eye and the paper hovers a space of nonentity. hands anesthetize for newfangled poetry. stint of motionless body like a trance deeper than me. no randomness, no spontaneity— letters, bleak to find words. collapsing in barren savannah. all … Continue reading

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walloping adidas & converse,

mp3… plump for lmfao and maroon 5, that prancing on the 25th— random, random, random, stereotypical hobble and shuffle, and stagger— we aren’t ginger rogers and fred astaire. league: alliance to footsteps, i am a ventured ledge, barely. that prancing … Continue reading

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disorientation, rambling thoughts of pizza and gravy sauce

almost 6 months. i can’t hide the fact. it’s none of my business to reality. i told her it’s depressing at home, without pizza, my own. if panic stalks, i’m neglecting the gravy sauce. mumbling— i cannot even comprehend myself. … Continue reading

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starry: season’s vengeance

i’m down at noon. rocked, my tendons failed to redeploy. provigil drug, dosage of it— i’m not jittery; i’ve the antonym of smother. i stood. sitting is a framework of lethargy. i may have sworn. stellar brainwaves sped my senses, … Continue reading

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intrusion, room 107

  silly is herding, unscrupulous democracy exposed— what stupid facilities of stolen paraphernalia! sirens begin— footsteps loading the entrance, there, the uniformed men. one leg thumping, arms pounding the door, a tension of freaks, maddening. no one, they see no … Continue reading

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generic and his

  11:55pm, nocturnal access to a slice of cake. teeters of blue wrappers like i wanted to shatter. drowsy, the tip of the knife is a cookie cutter murderer. i hear a nursery rhyme of jack and jill, cliché of … Continue reading

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