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tHe LaSt MoOn

  lonely planet, lonely soul tonight is a loveless sundown dark, plundering the burgundy skies   i dream of the last moon taming the wicked soil and soon all my energy drain in my muscles   morning is a grief … Continue reading

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Celtic Ducks

Cross over— To opposite self. Plastic, fake, false. Leaving this— Truth of me. Unnatural, artificial. End of us— Hurting me. That’s the truth. 2011

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tHe hUrT

all I do is to forget i’ve no more energy left   31 million seconds to silence 365 days of absence   this soliloquy— an anthem to self   the hurt is no one but me and my inflicting tragedy … Continue reading

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Beautiful Boy (a birthday poem)

The brown skin pervades all. Scattered on your surface, your flesh wrapped you as you exude a pretty aspect. Your incarnation is undistorted avatar.   From my solid eyes I see bizarre array of summation, your soul. Oh Hermaphroditus! Collective … Continue reading

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Thoughts Of A Love’s Rapid Refrain

Oh, the bridge stretches above the sea! So long, so high, where the wind sweeps my mind. Maroon skies cast their little stars. What a night to behold with my lover’s hands! I whistle a love’s refrain, pure and simple, … Continue reading

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Farewell To A Lover But Not To LOVE

Farewell to a lover but not to LOVE It’s a bittersweet reality of us This heart is like a boat still sailing You’ll be a part of my anchorage Never mind the past that hurts We have buried the hatchet … Continue reading

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Indigo & Mauve

The shaft of light and your silhouette. They craft a pretty tapestry. Love in a limbo. We kissed the flame of embers. Your debonair shadow secretly clinching my physiology. Like a specter of Aphrodite, you made me a fire on … Continue reading

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Lover’s Love at 4am

  This is an early exclamation on a silent world Uttering my spoken thoughts to my secret lover Is exploring the universe of love to its deepest level I feel the gravity sweeping my feet to our union Igniting the … Continue reading

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Love Number 1

  The core of my love is neither death; Oh Darling of lovely blossoms in my eternal orchard, You saturate me in all bland years. It is giving me life without an absence of splendid touch. You’re not my darkness … Continue reading

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zone 1, a difficult pancake

  static, static, static— all the tongues aren’t radios before 10am, we were depleted, don’t!   do you carry a miracle? will you or won’t you?   it would be less than 365 days i must hear you, i must! … Continue reading

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