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  traversing on this salty moon flashes of past remind me a child of pen and paper there are repeats of silly dances where feet stride on a portico of misdemeanor when caught there is no rectitude leaving an iniquity … Continue reading

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  I breathe your air Today and incessantly Floating from the drowning   You swept me You churned me   Like a scarecrow alive You startled the birds in the field   Wanting you, needing much In this skin you … Continue reading

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  they hurt they hide deeper in the dark grotesque benign to this flesh they flirt they play better than vultures inside them are my enemies they traded me they hurt they hide they run they die   2011

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A Hushed Definition Of Who I Am

  More than a knife cutting me to several pieces Chopping, grinding, and burning on a blazing fire I am unattached when I cannot seem to tell In the open honesty I am still in my own private box   … Continue reading

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Sonnet Of A Superman

I taste your spinach on a Sunday noon Killing the thought of a sad note letter It is hurting at our last rocking moon You tell me of some difficult weather I am trying this unusual drop of tears How … Continue reading

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witches of the internet

barren branches of forlorn dusk haze of moonlight in zephyr dark tangerine lemonade and spark rituals of witches scream and bark   ardent scholars of advanced generation pampered in modern veneration men encountered emancipation witches of the internet have consolation … Continue reading

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March & A Beginning Of Lazy Summer

  The wrinkle of us and our shadows reach a space of romance—   We’re rolling, folding, breathing, and prancing at the wonder of the sun—   Our escape from toiling and socializing, a sum of contempt to the world— … Continue reading

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