Two Fleets Of Sunflower Summers

Two fleets of sunflower summers
On this floating heat
I beat the devil’s carnage
Masquerading on heavy distress
I paraded a replica of grief
They own me not, they cannot ponder
Of killing me but keeping me under
The surveillance of their hate and eyes
Two fleets of sunflower summers
Have threatened my inner burrow

It’s a matter of jealousy
And many jealousies have plundered
Most privacy of personal secrets
I see, I feel the quiet upsets
Ripping my thoughts in seven pieces

Dark circles from their eyes
They cannot sleep on my triumph
To prevail is not always a sin
I’ve manifested cheerful spectacles
They’ve ended in tolerated torture




About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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14 Responses to Two Fleets Of Sunflower Summers

  1. theobscurepoet says:

    stopped by to thank you and take a look at your writing…this one made me think, love poetry that makes you stop and ponder. nice job, thanks for sharing

  2. amir0425 says:

    great poem,captivating throughout 🙂

  3. nightlake says:

    Thank you very much for stopping by my post and following my blog. I find this poem and ‘Standing alone in my world..’ wonderful. Hope to explore more of your blog.

  4. earthslang says:

    Your poetry creates the rare and perfect balance between concrete and abstract. I love the captivating imagery and provoking thoughts. You’re very talented.

  5. amazing use of words and and great flow 🙂

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