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  mystery in your eyes   fiery as candle flames   burning my state of solitary   incarcerated in your superficial bounds   your puzzling persona   pondering me interrogations   the origin of you is bedazzled   i cannot … Continue reading

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and Love traffics

  flowing—as kisses blowon this cheek we photographourselves behindthe blue facadeof internet shopsand dressed thestreets with Chinalanterns and makethe pedestriancomplain aboutthe voyage notpermitted byour misbehavior we’re notthese very rudewhile all thepassers-bylook at uswith disgust it’s not ourfault butwe can’t stopthis … Continue reading

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Life Of Little Odds And Bigger Mounds

  Fairy tales are born on books Prince and princesses aren’t fading Every reader sits down on nooks Pages are turning and turning and turning   One light invites other lights Groping the shades of the earth Heartbreaks are pain … Continue reading

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The Unfrequented Lair

  The moor is wet from the summer rain I can’t walk on its steep, mud-spattered ground Wild trees and their leaves soaked in vain Those squirrels cannot jump round and round   I see a rainbow at the end … Continue reading

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Overnight Overture

  Whisky whispers tickle my ears Intoxicating me completely The danger is inevitable Antithesis to self is separation   I am beguiled at your song Where a hymn begins The lyrics are real You can sing better verses   You … Continue reading

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we decided to love the dusk locks our neon phantoms we skipped delicious meals colored nightmare fills our naps we’re heading east in christmas winter captures our warm tragedies the pinnacle of our tales are truths of huge fortunes stuck … Continue reading

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a stick of cheese

  i must know a stick of cheese it is my lactose intolerance a bite is not so sweet i’m so untrue a household taste or a baker’s mouth one can trade even a bottle of wine not to her, … Continue reading

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The Country Poem

  The nature of poetry The smells of evergreen These words I write This country poem   Those summer’s daffodils Those nightingales’ lullabies I smell the alpine woods I watch the vagabonds   There are canyons and valleys There are … Continue reading

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ThE mAgiC oF fiREfLiEs

  I’m wide awake under these lights They glimmer on and on, devouring my sight Blinking a second might miss some million twinkles I’d rather not be blind tonight   Let not this evening pass For tomorrow morning it will … Continue reading

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All The Flowers Are Not In The Desert

  Thousand scents on my nose Hyacinth, lily, magnolia and the rose Bending and breaking All flowers are mending   Veering into something Like a virgin blooming Petals unfold to existence Death has its distance   Drought in Sahara Like … Continue reading

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