We Ramble A Union At Nights


An army of you

Collapsing on me

Fragile surrender

I’ve kiss and tell


The arms that hold

The skin that warms

We have many tendencies

Our opponents mock


We lure, we kiss

We hate the formula of tricks

I banter your shadow

You chase me in meadows


How we start the honeymoon of April

And smell the fragrance of lilac

On early sunrise and dawn

We ramble a union at nights





About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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8 Responses to We Ramble A Union At Nights

  1. poetart says:

    For some reason this reminded me of a scene from Faulk’s novel, Birdsong..quite beautiful.:)

  2. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of power and fragility in this beautiful poem.

  3. earthslang says:

    Just love your style.

  4. Hello, I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award for your inspiring poetry. To accept please visit: http://butterflyjulz.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  5. thankss! I appreciate it! 🙂

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