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The Night Without Stars

Sad universe Cosmic darkness Tears on my eyes My lonely whereabouts I’ve deserted a merry land Tonight is bleak Why the blues Thoughts of wretchedness Break me more I am crushing Loveless and cruel The sky is mad This wondering … Continue reading

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In Boo’s & Blah-Blah’s

  Neon lights break the calamity of my eyes I’m tenderly blinding on this center stage Feeling the nipples of horror chocking my stratum Hauling me down on the traps of your whereabouts   I stand on this stage of … Continue reading

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Pretty Pancake

  It tastes like a pretty pancake Honeyed, buttered and sweet Oh please let me want some more Gently touching my lips and teeth   The summary of tasting Craving as I write in the morning With all the unrhymed … Continue reading

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  Anchored— Ditching the hurricane He found the peace   Bonfires— The night is over Fishermen captured fishes   Tides— Romancing the ebb Sands weltered down   Crimson— Twilight begets a haze Aero planes tiptoed at the horizon   Navigated— … Continue reading

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boom! oh the sounds of you they wreck my ears they own my night your words they ache my noon i can’t resign from this hallucination all the hours left tick the silent air this drama breaks both our existence … Continue reading

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  The sparrows are out tonight In the expanse of the sky Dashing in different motions Like flames in several portions   Every glide tells a narrative Soaring a pungent account From page 1 to page 101 Sparrows can tell … Continue reading

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Colossal Quantity Of You

  Enthralling the atoms of my depth I’m trapped inside a chasm that only love can shatter   You belong to a distance that cannot be reached Your heights are far from the fingers of my hands   How I … Continue reading

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science of solitaire

  i find your science of solitaire deep in the grounds of your empire it’s inscrutable like an ancient riddle i’m trapped by your exhausting words this bleep of silence resonating the gravity of us our coercion is not wedlock … Continue reading

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Parting Is Not Our Lullaby

  It’s over No happy ever after Our fairytale is satire Ending where we Cannot start good   It’s nothing Everything is hollow Dead and consuming We cannot start good Ending is ending   Most of us Torn our hearts … Continue reading

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  You tingle my veins as I look across The periphery of your beauty Tearing my underneath thoughts Tossing my backbones and cheeks This sensual delusion is amalgamating The hundred borders of my charm Breaking me and leaving me drifting … Continue reading

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