He stares at the

billion numbers inscribed

on a graffiti wall

and counts the

tiny seahorses

sketched to the left


He remembers his

childhood when

all left was nothing

but white crayons

inside the pockets

of his handbag


Those bullies tried

to put worms

on his head

but the teacher

saw them before

they attempted


He never went back

to those memories again

but visited their graves

who died at 9/11 bombing


He cried at nights

but never to his wife

who defiled their

bed with adultery


He is not aware

that she bore

their second child

from another man


The neighbors know

but he doesn’t

and they shake their

heads as the child

calls him “Daddy!”


He is my colleague

but he never smiles

until one day

he told me

facts that I

need to know






About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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27 Responses to Jupiter

  1. Pawan Hira says:

    Sad. You portrayed the memories well, from childhood to maturity.

  2. Wow, you are very deep. Well done.

  3. Lamberta says:

    very deep. Good.

  4. wordwand says:

    WOW . LOVELY !I sympathise with the guy really sad memories mainly the conjugal betrayal.

  5. redjim99 says:

    I enjoyed this, would like to see it pared down. but good ideas and nicely done.


  6. lisharvey says:

    Great job as always I love your writing and how you give a vivid picture of what your saying. keep up the good work. your very gifted

  7. Irene says:

    very well done 🙂

  8. servantofthevalley says:

    Heart-wrenching and graceful. I love this one.

  9. poetrynad says:

    Quite sad poem keep up the good work and thanks for following my blog 🙂

  10. nightlake says:

    sad! makes one feel very bad for the imaginary man in the poem…

  11. Kharma says:

    I, too, have friends like this. Seing someones life from the outside. Thanks for letting me in.

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