Sea Dancer


I sleep in the sea

And dance with the water


Those whales are hungry

They lick my little toes


Sands and seashells have sex

Conceiving transparent jellies


I gobble the intoxicated

Whispers of the sailor’s air


My skin smells like salt

Corrupting my sugary lips


I like to be in the sea

Where submarines are submerged


Fisherman’s lanterns at night

Blinking like outer space stars


Hey earth and sky

Come boogie with the waters


Steady, the tides are plain

Like flatlines on the screen


Blue is the sea and wet

Naked me into this dip





About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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21 Responses to Sea Dancer

  1. Pawan Hira says:

    Oh! beautiful trip through watery life. Imagery does flatter me. 🙂

  2. Nice.
    You and me, we both write about the sea, perhaps we’ll meet at the bottom of the blue, briny blog?

  3. koisevilla says:

    thanks for dropping by my site and liking… Following back 😀

  4. mcbiz101 says:

    Bro,how do u get so many likes and comments? I want to get comments and more likes too,please help

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    I want to sit on the ocean’s edge now…what great picture you weave with your crafty words.

  6. There is a high when you sit between bodies. Like the sea where the night sky and salt waters meet.

  7. Lamberta says:

    I love poetry about the sea. 🙂

  8. dannypereyra says:

    Really like the format, with the two lines per stanza. Helps focus on each little image. A lot of nice ones, but my favorite is “I gobble the intoxicated / Whispers of the sailor’s air.”

  9. Kharma says:

    …..someone LOVES the sea. ; )

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