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The Mint Canopy Is Our Galaxy And Asylum

  The mint canopy Is our galaxy and Asylum where we Whispers melting Words and bright Sparks of love   These eyes that Blink at many wonders Meet together in between Paradise and miracle And exchange Glances like twin Towers … Continue reading

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  the sound of dawn is like a zipper of pants tweaking my ears leaving me goose bumps on my spine and soaking my mind in this latin music of ancient cities disappeared long ago   i’ve drawn on myself … Continue reading

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  Silicon submarines submerged within The deep waters of blue marine Sudden floats of tangerine wings Plastic crowns of wicked kings   Enter these fragments of dreams Slowly hearing echoes and screams Marine in weeping Amphibians in creeping   How … Continue reading

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  the green, virgin meadow is awake now taunting the little frogs of big rocks   icy dews from tiny tips of grasses drop one by one as the sun slowly rising   on the hazy edge of the horizon … Continue reading

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Beneath The Soul That Ties With The Ridiculous Self Of Detachment

I remember when songs have left colors in the sky and some television becomes a satire of love stories and the next thing on my mind are peculiar palavers by the strange crowd These are the days when the timid … Continue reading

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Skin Of Charge

  Your fiery eyes Beheld me unreasonably Disarming me on this Internal battlefield So private that I Couldn’t resist Asking for relief And hiding from Being the public discovery Of me and my fears   I’m not a robust god … Continue reading

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  I smell the sheets Of your past And lets me remember The ghosts that Stalk our evenings And the earthquake That shakes our mornings   I wonder how we Can start over after all The backstabbing   I don’t … Continue reading

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red lanterns

  they attract my eyes hanging on the posts of cosmopolitan space where the government builds their own democracy they make some distant and poignant dances as the crowd leaves their mouths wide open     2012

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The Beauty Of A Wedlock

  Flower blossoming fresh perfume Skylark humming an angel tune Ocean breezing divine in June Clouds hiding ugly afternoon   I am a lover waiting I am a paddle sailing I am a teacher preaching I am a belfry ringing … Continue reading

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early morning

  i see a remnant of your sex flowing like a liquid of coke on the surface of this bed so much life that it transfigures my absence to a strong tide of delights     2012

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