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butchered zodiac signs

  pelvic pains helmet hedging a dosage of boredom pills   lunatic iris from spectacles chronic shielding of california skins   boomerang bangs in alcoholic stance and skewing tongues for gossiping me   out-of-tune lullabies on cinderella nights this is … Continue reading

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  the bones are energies of the dusk motioning to me speeding with time as the next night gorge in obscurity and the world is a space of darkness   while i am waiting for the slumber to settle on … Continue reading

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na na na na

  bull is the teacher lamb is the lover I’m an aching poet scratching my sonnet   breaking hearts louder larks heavy sighs questions and why’s   na na na na she went to China sailing away cold is the … Continue reading

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  gentle naked thoughtsof displeasuresweating my fleshyet wetter precipitationis cruel to my skin i fell under sardonicoccurrences andi was mad at the franticcrowd and fumed jeeps the asphalt roaddamped from thickrain left medisliking the monthand my bald headhas crystal dropsfrom … Continue reading

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We Drop All Matters That Do Not Matter

  This truth that appears on a piece of paper that we call a love letter is haunting us and our minds question how we define feelings that are created from an intimacy that began from holding hands and kissing … Continue reading

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Sleepy Eyes

  Sleepy eyes, sleep   Enter the chasm where dreams are waiting   Speak to silence of the midnight hours of the darkness and beyond of the God who listens   Sleep, sleepy eyes, sleep   Turn to the sweet … Continue reading

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sentimental jazz

  rabid colors like dead blue and reds shading the thoughts of you and i we sat staring at each other in silence filling the unrestricted space with despair   we ignore to discuss the facts of our tough times … Continue reading

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  don’t know what’s going on my oblivion is a ligament distracting my thoughts everything is forgotten how i tried to remember how i tried to recall but everything is vague even as i poured all my strength in replaying … Continue reading

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  I am written like the lyrics of a song intended to be sung and played with music   I am the song that stretches from stanza to chorus and the end   Sing me in the morning when the … Continue reading

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  The robins sing me a song and crickets turned cold   My fingers are drained from writing love letters   The midnight has gravity between my feet and the ground   I’m the religion of endless cheers God must … Continue reading

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