frogs leap from the paddock

of one stormy night

rain drops in endless dripping

a haze of morning comes

the torrent won’t end

public folds pants above their knees

aged men paddle from deep zone

it is a tempest’s curse

fiords left springing from side to side

the avalanche of weeping slithers my ears



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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18 Responses to tempest

  1. dannypereyra says:

    This really intrigued me. Its powerful, and took me a few readings to truly understand the ideas and images you were portraying. Love reading your work.

  2. dannypereyra says:

    “…and the visceral descriptions…” , “…but would to know more about you and your history…”

  3. you nailed this one Sugar . . . 🙂

  4. lisharvey says:

    Great Job as Always. what inspire you?

  5. Kharma says:

    I agree with many others. Your wordsmithing is inspirational, but for bozos or newbies, like myself, a lil background for such interesting, different wordings would be helpful and very insightful, as well.

  6. albert21199 says:

    very good!!!!!

  7. lillianccc says:

    I can practically SEE myself in the tempest. Poetry at its best. 🙂

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