Aha! this is more than the right bone in my heart

letting me flutter like Cupid’s wings and wishing

I’d dart my arrows to the beautiful ones


That’s wanting, so selfishly in me and sometimes lust

when I’m absorbed to this superficial sentiment

I dodged quickly and ran away from human nature


To love is to never let yourself play like a fool

but there are many lovers fishing on the ocean

and more fishing in the summer


Oh, when someone believes in karma and

feels like a lamentation recited in a funeral

how could we chase to love and to be loved in return





About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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3 Responses to Pisces

  1. Kharma says:

    Uh, no kidding. LOL! It’s all about being comfortable with yourself. Without it, it IS impossible to fully love another. Perhaps that is why love feels fleeting, at times. Even when its in your strongest grip.

  2. Thank you for following me 🙂 I follow you in return!!! Stay in touch


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