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Remnant Of Sadness Quietly Asking The Walls

  Chaos pops as a bubble of wine from the bottle of open space in July twilight   Altar candles burning and our languages are spoken by the violet trees in our foolish eyes   Bleak is the hour when … Continue reading

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Daybreak’s Love Quatrains

  I speak of you as magnolia and swan Your scents smell on wings Waters and lilies cannot resent You come to my summer in bright   The sun cannot burn your hair Even moon cannot touch your skin This … Continue reading

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12 lines of maggots in denims

  the world is full of maggots and diseases that kill thousand baby kangaroos i am vexed to taste the truth of death but nothing can stop this ailing except a party of loud house and talks of dirty Hollywood … Continue reading

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  The vivid sailboats from the shore are moving smoothly like soft waves avoiding the wind and squall   I sailed with you away from the crowd of unkind whispers from their mouths and we confined ourselves strangely   Our … Continue reading

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White Snow

  I still remember as you held me while we sat beside the hearth on a cold December night   You said I was wonderful and touched me carelessly rapturing myself on the uttered confusion   I went blank stood … Continue reading

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  mother’s homily screeched as it reached my bones and I’m shut like a sober astronaut floating on the space and warming the sky with boring claustrophobia   shy meteors collapse on bigger planets and the Milky Way is grooving … Continue reading

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You Need To Know That I Need You More

Come to me from the grave. Cure my heartbroken self. Listen to my mortal cries. Embrace me in the night.   It was the day when I lost you. I stood in misery and felt the wounds. Everything spun to … Continue reading

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chemicals brought together by God in His garden of eden

  those sharp waters from your eyes melting me and engulfing me like sending me to the highest heaven and I stayed, I cannot leave you what is love when you never thought about all my imperfections but see me … Continue reading

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  Aha! this is more than the right bone in my heart letting me flutter like Cupid’s wings and wishing I’d dart my arrows to the beautiful ones   That’s wanting, so selfishly in me and sometimes lust when I’m … Continue reading

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  dragged to this drug where hell is cancer oh! pestered desires disguising as fake orgasms like a harsh exterior in decorated camouflage   lost in a maze trapped in incognito where the obvious are difficult to understand whimpering winds … Continue reading

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