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  yet it was nothing but just old injuries running a havoc inside this inside me hurting the strangers of another strangers inside me inside this all of me almost ruined and even this inside me all of me i … Continue reading

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leaves are

  leaves there green are leaves and leaves them are not burning my eyes not burning me leaves they are   i smell them smell them like shoots and buds on earth of us leaves are them they are like … Continue reading

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where the only waters can save us

  jump and jump into the waters where fishes die like soldiers   hands that kill minds of us   hands that save poverty like us   we jump and jump until deep is where we drown   into the … Continue reading

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  morbid brainwaves on painless suicide prancing inside this head warming the blood on my cold nape i solicited a quiet meditation on this total misunderstanding of myself and mind so silly i’ve let a demeaning imagination crumple my neat … Continue reading

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of red & red

  red shades corrupting these these corrupted eyes blinking on timid air of cola and red and red shades corrupting still these abrasive eyes these rasping stars these red shades corrupting still sinking into dreams dreams of shades of red … Continue reading

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what you are

  degrading they are degrading what you are   your fingers scrawling frisky gens scrawling what you are   masking you are masking what you are   your goalmouths suffocating their interests suffocating what you are   treating you an … Continue reading

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space is truth, truth is space

  here i am here don’t whisper tell me you must   understand this space is truth truth is space our absence makes us long both our presence makes us nag both   here we are here we don’t whisper … Continue reading

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b.p.o. (be patient or–)

  cold wraps me flesh drenches in sweat this floor is intimidating me enraging my ears with grave grievances from automated incoming calls of grouchy punters   obnoxiousness heaved i almost succumbed to abrupt cardiac arrest   i left the … Continue reading

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  stoic face seizes me in front of this old mirror   i cannot salute myself in guilt but underground feelings are frank   when i tried to hide i’m found sick are the wishing wells   at the edge … Continue reading

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  drops of wounds dripping wounds wounds in me, wounds healing slowly wounds forgetting, wounds sometimes me all these wounds are leaking these wounds going these wounds coming   there the wounds are there the wounds aren’t     2012

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