where solitude is a song & loneliness is a dance



blue shades blinding my eyes

i’ve distracted the vehicles as I’m

turning and circling endlessly

like walking and walking inside

a crazy, huge maze



all the neighbors are sleeping

their lights are low or no more

i breathe on the air of space

where solitude is a song

and loneliness is a dance



the street is no more a stranger

at nights when I am returning

thoughts of dreadful precedents

rambling inside my mind

they make pictures of anxiety



i’ve done a lot of things today

my bones are weary and eyes are weighty

on this street i’ve stumbled on you

our union is not difficult

we build a life less complicated






About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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12 Responses to where solitude is a song & loneliness is a dance

  1. Harry says:

    Nice one Chester

  2. I really like this one!

  3. You have conjured up a beautifully dense atmosphere of the night spirit… Thank you!

  4. gemini says:

    I like this…did you get the idea from ‘La Solitudine’ The song…I just love…

  5. Stephen Hare says:

    Really a great poem, Chester! Really like your word usage. Really creative and expressive. Thanks for following wordimagery. Blessings to you my friend.

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