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every one wants to know

  quiet is the self and far away ghosts recur in traffic thoughts blooming are the naughty ways masking pains in silver coats   loud is the world and so near deads resurrect in secular songs whispers are whispers so … Continue reading

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this floating feels like nirvana

  lantern christmas, crouching touching, scratching my feet exchanging superficial forces these eyes blink hauntingly sending me to pieces of colored circles and hallucinations   waving, turning on and on this floating feels like nirvana     2012

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ditty ditty

  lullaby my love lullaby and smile lullaby oh lullaby lullaby and slumber   sail oh sail in your ocean’s dream fight your demons fight your fears   play oh play play and dance dance with me in your wonderland … Continue reading

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  I am burning my October plight reposing my sight casualty is not dis-remembered   Quiet room is a dead space dreaming those wicked maze nightmare is not dis-remembered   I am burning my disconnection belittling my intention verdict is not dis-remembered   … Continue reading

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hating non-prada

it kills this manic sense oh failed grudges like telepathic movies break oh break thriving big hating non-prada i’ve ascended   2012

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sweeter, sweeter & this page 1 lost in 7 weeks

  lights are romantic flirting, triggering these eyes on friday dawn disappearing me from the shrieking, sinking dreams   lost is an absence lost from a long time reverie i’m coming back, gone in 7 weeks charging my hands, “write … Continue reading

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  shattered sometimes shattered disillusioned from many faded odds breaking breaks this passion raging softly and softly dying     2012  

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