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caught in thousand heavens

  toxic thoughts of crystal earth and myriad sweet plantations perfectly occupying this soul, this heart perfectly manifesting in secrecy and intimate imaginations softly waving thousand waters of smooth and milky bubbles like life finding me perfectly in repeated motions … Continue reading

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soul searching

  when all are together i go alone in glee of the season i feel forlorn too much thoughts in fear and insecurity i bleed without blood this is soul searching   2012

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  you contain me numbing my truth talks are radios splitting ears of us filling each hours of individual drama numbing my truth numbing me you suffocate me choking me until white turns to black these eyes are eyes seeing … Continue reading

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  love wraps in winter’s blue ripping, gripping weeping, breathing heavily on and on this distance gaps us in miles away missing both our union’s glee fire warms the butterflies trapped in the skins of longing and longing angrily like … Continue reading

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  talk to the new day as the scents of the brewing coffee linger on the space of the kitchen and windows meet the sparkle of the yellow sun play with the distant skies as the kites allure the birds … Continue reading

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moonlight is

  moonlight is silver ray flattering my cosmic eyes blue shades tattooing my mundane mood i am amazed micro love expands like giant gelatins perfectly shaped withdrawn from bright and blizzard i am teasing my thoughts music disturbs the air … Continue reading

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  burning these papers these love letters on papers and smoke ascend tears aren’t forgotten smoke you are smoke ascending and left me unspoken remembering you or forgetting you breaking my heart escaping me smoke you are gone gone gone … Continue reading

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