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maple leaves

  i make you love me every drop of february dew i let you seek me in the deepest surface of tuesday hue no more lonely shadows of distant lovers we are more colourful than a peacock’s feathers you make … Continue reading

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tic tac tic tac

  abrupt, the hours are abrupt i can feel your absence full of silence you went away from this union i wrestle, preoccupied and madly consumed all hours are left with the sound of tic tac tic tac   2012

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  i hear the morning echoes flirting the savage hours of thursday breasts the only remedy from loneliness is this submission i am drawn entirely at your capacity to seduce   2013

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fireflies picker

  trapped in the gorge of darkness this total darkness is blinding unaccompanied, forlorn, despondent my anatomy moved in a lethargic motion lights of bits on the air appear unhurriedly i opened my palm and spread my fingers these little … Continue reading

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  bars coloured bars pumping up pumping down noise fat noise pretty grooving pretty beating wet soaking wet on water’s music sinking my flesh sinking my ears   2013

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  spinning my head is spinning world is a small box a big galaxy i see you there at the cradle of the moon no amnesia no insomnia i am i am   2013

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  haunt me hit me until you found me drag me to your likable disaster where your arms besiege my physical rapture i fall prey to your phantom’s delight hypnotizing me capturing me inside your delicious kingdom no eyes faster … Continue reading

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  near to me near to us this virgin morning this virgin night hovers above hovers below glen exposes ravine re-traces earth smiles we deploy ourselves plundering love annihilating hate   2013

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thirty days

  30 days of dead air screams dreadful wonderful in dreams numbers and horoscopes are ambiguous my name is hidden anonymous folktales become gossips and cheap talks away away away are bad walks nearby kins are unattended crazy countenance is … Continue reading

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midnight density of love

  you are the midnight density of love soaking me deep beneath the core of the late hours, of the early breeze burning my skin to your fire rising my emotion higher sending me lullaby through your lyre how i … Continue reading

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