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fading is tantrum

  with all the premonition appearing in the sky the end is the beginning of another one true love waiting in years as less visits to your graveyard can forget the face that once adored in the past the fading … Continue reading

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ugly sermons

  whispers inside this brain are singing in wild tunes and toxic drumming my head over and over i’m hearing your ghosts telling me ugly sermons   2013

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if I Hate you

  if i hate you like a spaghetti with no sauce the meatballs aren’t better you are not delicious when you stop staring at my black and white converse hating you is not sugar to my coffee but expired grocery … Continue reading

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superstar is hollywood

  superstar is hollywood all fame like expensive stars twinkling after a million audience   2013

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the thought of almost 40

  the thought of almost 40 is dilemma i feel constant different archipelagos of earthquakes and storms that i only distinguish there is a problem i know there is a solution difficult to find i am ruining the savages of … Continue reading

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  risk is this goodbye kiss perpetual tears are you breaking-up is a halloween   2013

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ending in parted ways & deprived cinema (not a valentine)

  big fire of argument sparks between the lovers’ mouths upsetting each other like world war 1 seated in silence and sleep is every eyes the very essence of their whereabouts is not a valentine in the midst of childish … Continue reading

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indifferent in a different world

  i am indifferent in a different world bullying the buffalo in the water i am slowly charging the wilder me trapping the embarrassed fireflies i am minding my own business silencing the noise of the frogs i am charging … Continue reading

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soundtrack in my head

  you are the soundtrack in my head playing like many times in hundred years a breathless song the silly me this craziness is unheard you divert my madness inevitable is inevitable we can’t stop the destiny you melt me … Continue reading

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  schizophrenic morning wandering away today is delusion hiding his sun dripping his ruffled summer rain wind is bizarre and eerie are the clouds there, the populace in purple expectations groaning like hungry mammals in the field while i sit … Continue reading

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