the thought of almost 40


the thought of almost 40
is dilemma

i feel constant
different archipelagos
of earthquakes and
storms that
i only distinguish

there is a problem
i know
there is a solution
difficult to

i am ruining the
savages of
bad dreams

this all of me
i cringe at the
thought of almost 40



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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56 Responses to the thought of almost 40

  1. You are so young, don’t cringe, but delight in it!

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    It gets tougher and tougher as we approach the crest – once at the pinnacle – man, we roll down fast. We can grab and claw or let go — I let go, oh about 17 years ago 🙂

  3. marcelino guerrero says:

    it’s just 2 digits, fret when you are about to reach 3 digits! 🙂

  4. Chatty Owl says:

    Nothing’s wrong with that. Its the best age though.

  5. Lamberta says:

    My mom says 40 is the new 20. 🙂

  6. RoSy says:

    40s an awesome club – You will love it. Ignore the number & keep living with your hear! 😉

  7. Interesting strusture. But I like it 🙂

  8. julienmatei says:

    Said a friend of mine :

    How old do I look? How old are my thoughts? How old do I act? How old is my heart?
    How old is my biological clock? I have a different number for each . . . which age do you want to know….?

  9. Karen says:

    Hey Chester thanks for the follow. I turned 50 last year and that was a reaaaal struggle……total sense of disbelief…me, 50? You’re kidding? But actually it has given me a new lease of life and drive as I push on to be the best version of me I can be, delighting in who I am, just as I am. Take the ride, man!!!! Looking forward to chatting more as we blog:)

  10. Pingback: One and One makes it Two, Not Eleven. :D – A Quick Call! « Hira Nazir

  11. maryamchahine says:

    Really felt this poem….it might be scary, or it might be fulfilling depending on the path you take. The older you get though the more wealth of life experiences a writer has that can only ultimately help writing. Just keep that in mind : )

  12. wow…there is a club for everyone, and new clubs to enter. 🙂

  13. I’ve done something big every decade of my adult life. When I turned 40, I left my job of 16 years, sold most of my possessions and moved across the country. It was scary, but somehow freeing and I’ve never looked back. What big thing will you do this year? Celebrate life and don’t let anything hold you back. My forties were great years, my fifties even better. I’ll let you know about the 60’s when I get there. 😉

  14. NIice poem, and 40 doesn’t sound so bad! But I have years upon years to go so…

  15. I’m there already, Tovarysch. Everything is sharper and more vibrant in your 60’s.You’re more scared, but you’re more confident too. You’re much more aware of time- because it’s running out.

  16. I’m not close to 40 but I can almost understand the feeling! NICE! 😀

  17. I arrived at 40 very recently with a great sense foreboading and nashing of teeth but guess what….come on in the water is just fine ;o)

  18. You are entering the prime of your life!! Cherish it!

  19. kazhancock says:

    Don’t worry… are always you, and wonderful things can happen even at 56! I found my soul mate….x

  20. wisperin9shad0s says:

    it’s how young you feel! wiser than some and more active than others. very secure, i say!

  21. You’re right behind me, man.

  22. vonhonnauldt says:

    40? No problem. I just turned 24 – for the third time(!) They say that life begins at 40. They just don’t say what it begins! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking “A Kitchen Prayer.”

  23. opreach says:

    Yes, I hit the just 60 this year. So I say, “enjoy your forties”. They will be followed by the wonderful fifties, et. al. Blessings and thank you for following.

  24. jjspina says:

    Thank you for following my blog. Ahhhh to be 40 again!! I am retired and just getting serious with my writing. Never had enough time before but now I still don’t have enough time. Time is of the essence – use it wisely. Enjoy being 40! I am 60+ and enjoying life each day. Don’t know how long I will have but loving life! My best to you.

  25. windhound says:

    The wonderful thing about growing older is that it gives you the opportunity to grow younger. I stopped ageing a couple of decades ago and I intend to live and die with a young heart. Even if we just sat on the ground and watched, this would be the greatest adventure ever. Life is and we were invited to the party!

  26. Hej from Sweden!
    40 was a good year. Hope it is for you.
    I am headed for 60 in 4 months. Come on 60 I say.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post.
    Welcome back anytime.

  27. NOAEfame says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love 40.There is nothing to be scared about it.Keep up the good work.

  28. Wellie says:

    I am a long way off from 40 but your poem made my imagination run wild just now thinking about what life will be for me then if I survive that long. Give thanks on making it thus far. Thanks for following my blog.

  29. I relate to this poem. Thanks for penning the words.

  30. i will be 40 in another two years….that scares me too. thanks for visiting my blog too.

  31. shootthemoon says:

    Ah, wait until you are almost 50.

  32. Fifty-five will be my next plateau in a few months. Anything past forty means new realizations, taking stock of one’s life, what has come and gone…what lays ahead. New realities bring new beginnings, new goals, new plateaus. So many things you want but perhaps have not yet acquired, achieved. There are blessings too, a wiser self, a shift in priorities between self and partner and family and friends. The more mature self really begins to surface, to examine, to appreciate, to frustrate. Tomorrow brings new and exciting possibilities if we only open our eyes wide enough to see.

  33. It’s sometimes difficult to see through the doors of the next decade when the current decade is closing it’s doors on you. However, like many other people take delight in starting a new decade is better than mourning the loss of one you’ve outgrown. I’m 49 and I’m looking forward to 50.

  34. Bindu says:

    I can relate. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it.

  35. Doug says:

    Aging is a horrible thing. Most people don’t get wiser — they just just get angry and bitter. The wise and the rich do well. Most do not. There’s always the hope that the world will end today or that catastrophe will be entertaining or interesting if you’re on the sidelines with a poem. Jack Benny was always 39. 40 is a very bad number. Don’t ever be 40. 50 is worse. 60 is doom. It’s best to perform on stage because there “dying is easy, comedy is hard.” There is no point in laughing: it doesn’t help and makes your sides hurt. Acclimate to doom and nothing will be a surprise. Earthquakes can be fun if you have milkshake ingredients prepared and don’t feel like stirring.

  36. Rashmi says:

    I am dreading the 30s…so I can imagine you cringing at the onset of the 40s.But they tell me that with age comes maturity and wisdom. So here’s wishing you s rocking 40s 🙂

  37. I cringed at almost 40 but I got over it because…well because I passed it. What else can I do?

  38. ramanan50 says:

    Thoughts today’s 20’s are still more pessimistic.
    Life is always a Cup of Joy for those who feel and not one who thinks and analyses..
    Enjoy the present as it is with out comparing with the others or with your own at a different period..
    Life is full only when one experiences the full gamut of feelings and emotions, sorrow included.

  39. Wait until you hit 63! WOW—I feel like I am 40! and I love it! Life just continues to get more enriching and deeper as we go forward! Happy 40th! …I find there is so much I have yet to do…to explore…to see…to love! It just keeps getting better everyday!

  40. Well… then there is 70. At 40 you are just revving up your engines. Someday the years will catch up with me but I am not slowing down for them. 🙂 There are whole worlds to conquer yet.

  41. Ah, but the journey only deepens. Nice poem, and thank you for following Cold. I aim never to bore and hopefully to inspire every once in a while 🙂

  42. But… what if you are in reality, actually trillions of years old and have lived many lifetimes? Doesn’t 40 become like a dust mote in the broad universe then?

  43. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. I’m enjoying your work as well.

  44. Well, well Chester as my cousin, ten years younger, once accused me of knocking hard on 30, it’s a case now of knocking hard on 80 but I still feel 30! So hang on in there, it gets better. Love David. Oh! and thanks for the follow.

  45. Robert Heinlein says: Life is short, live it wide.
    You are maybe half way, enjoy the rest!

  46. Ron says:

    A high five and a haiku for you…

    Growing old is hard
    Time flying by so quickly
    Every moment counts

    PS… Thanks for following my blog.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

    © 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

  47. like is not an adequate button
    Thanks for this piece!

  48. Esther says:

    Dear Chester, Thank you for following my blog as it’s led me to find yours! Your lovely poem reminded me of something Joseph Campbell used to say about ageing. He’d describe the body as being a little like a car (ie, as you age parts start to rust/fall off!). His question was: ‘Are you going to identify with the vehicle, the consciousness or the light?’ What I think he meant was this: dentifying with the vehicle will make ageing difficult, because our ‘vehicle’ ages so obviously; Identify with your consciousness and you enter the realm of the timeless; identify with the light and you *are* eternal 🙂 The glory of course is that we are all three at once! Esther

  49. Connie T says:

    You don’t feel any different when you are 40 or 50. You still feel the same as when you were 30.

  50. Ha ha. If you got to my About and the feature post Lessons from my 30s, you know what happened to me at 40. I speak of its embodiment of spiritual gestation. It is a special number. At least, can be (bc I’m not into astrology or numerology or the like). I like this poem. Thanks for the follow. I wonder if you’ll try extra hard to save spit, now…. =) Will be in touch.

  51. dkjanotta says:

    Hi Chester, I was already looking forward to 40 for several years. When I got there and nothing happened I thought ‘Oh well’ and started to look forward to 50. Boy, am I glad I did! 🙂 Met the most wonderful woman, started a family, moved to Switzerland, made time for writing …

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