little souvenir of thinking


i sit and wait
the talk is less
thoughts turn to
pages of memories
in chapters of
smiling mornings
and crying evenings
people i know who
live in rural houses
cannot steal a glimpse
of the big future
so i say the crystal
ball has broken



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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2 Responses to little souvenir of thinking

  1. Such poignant thoughts put so succinctly. I like the movement and rhythm. Thanks for taking a look at my blog and following. Best to you in your writing.

  2. I like pieces like this, genuine poetry, the honest and raw feel to it is captivating. I really loved the lines ‘pages of memories, in chapters of smiling mornings and crying evenings’, the way a journal tells a familiar tale of waking with such optimism and positivity, only to meet a harsh and bitter reality. I hope this was a poem written in character and not from personal experience, I think ‘the big future’ is bright for you, Chester. Excellent poem, keep smiling and keep writing!
    Kieran (Baldy)

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