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  world is rock and roll bangs me in my ears sound is hell to hear blood is tasted wicked wind surrounds me and flying in hostile commotion up there like bad balloons when things arrive i am alienated i … Continue reading

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shared thoughts

  we scolded our shared thoughts of gossips these talks we have are criminals   2013

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  sheltered anew this metamorphosis not blue adrift linger above you i’m drawn and lost in thousand thoughts pause i’m not the old this transformation big sensation   2013

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shadows of March

  when dusk fills in my windows outside the veranda is secretly waiting where the air hush quietly and i am rocking pacing back and forth in my front yard i’ve a little feeling this is unique and the sky … Continue reading

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everyday love

  everyday love is red blue and green painting us cheerful delight everyday love is twinkle stars and kites lighting us infinite bright everyday love is you and i loving each other perpetually   2013

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yourself that is NOT

  freedom breathes freedom like people you move and move in it at times i see yourself that is not affecting me affecting much my thoughts that perished hell has forsaken my head pain is not desired pain is never … Continue reading

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mild streaks of powder blue

  mild streaks of powder blue chasing the running shadows in the climax of my reverie i am dreaming at 6pm leaving my stomach hungry and the departed earth darkens eyes tightly closed and unmoving lips dried from the aircon … Continue reading

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