tHe NaTuRe Of SoMe PrEtTy ThInGs


ocean tides roar
my feelings explode

red is anger
i can’t control

this nature
the nature of me

there’s still beauty
the pretty things

feelings explode
i can’t control

the fault in me
i must forgive



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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10 Responses to tHe NaTuRe Of SoMe PrEtTy ThInGs

  1. Feelings that wash
    Away on a tide

    Caught in a storm
    I cannot ride.

    Sweetness and sweat
    Like glitter reside

    In this heart of mine
    In this storm of mine
    That I cannot hide.

    Lovely, in a dark, visceral way. The plainness of the language belies the emotion roiling within.
    Keep penning magic.


  2. Rohini Raman says:

    This is amazing! πŸ™‚

  3. sweet….I love the CAPS, lower case TITLING…awesome…

    “feelings explode
    i can’t control”

  4. Awesome!!!!! Flowed very well with emotions

  5. There’s still beauty… the pretty things. I enjoyed the poem and felt the emotion.

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