a cHiLd In ThE sCeNe


mirror is ghosts of
shattered childhood
shaped in thin and fat
skeletons covered
in brown

we go through
different dramas
in our playground

some good
some bad
we’re soaked
changed and abused



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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8 Responses to a cHiLd In ThE sCeNe

  1. I really like this one too!

  2. tlcoff says:

    The last verse is so powerful. Great way to end this and leaves the reading thinking well beyond the read.

  3. Reread the last verse a few times, a powerful end!

  4. C’est la vie – life is full of lessons and learning!

  5. That is so touching! Reminded me of my own childhood…..

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  7. Very powerful, Chester! I loved this one, it had a compelling and dramatic feel to it. Sometimes shorter poems have a huge impact (and this is one of them).

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