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  words in perpetual immaculate taste served in silver platter tucked in golden frames finger poetry pages floating dosages of lovers in verses and funny tales like libraries in the room   2013

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donut hole

  space is donut hole floating beside me and never whole a part lacking is goodbye what’s to die the absence of you and i am so alone   2013

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watercolor washed by the rain

  small the surface i can’t breathe air suffocates matter of big dreams i escaped tumbling on the fruit that can’t be eaten i ran like a watercolor washed by the rain   2013

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magnolias on your dress

  all secrets hide perfectly to the magnolias on your dress hurting the child of them leaving marks by the ugly beast down to nothing are memories screaming at nights in repeated dreams the sight is unbearable i shut the … Continue reading

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  orange is air smell of tangerine naked sour spell clanging of the bell of huge spectacle in summer rhapsody phantom space is filled with wicked halloween raptured lovers hate hell the vast of cheerful revelries parade of vivid colors … Continue reading

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luncheon & siesta

  fighting naked and the minds are sung in china plates and spoons of luncheon hatred and lonely rooms drinking basil water and the vessels of basic heads are sending metaphors into the woods of countless monsters sleeping under the … Continue reading

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the lady

tiny freckles on your face are little stars that never alone red lipstick painted on your lips is a rally of flirt small chandeliers on your ears are superficial carnivals feet and black heels transport a lady to the scarlet … Continue reading

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the madman & popcorn

  the madman and popcorn inside the film of gangs and new york in black and white noise is gun streets of blood the fear is high a silent tear he comes at the door outrageous strange as he looks … Continue reading

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pretty flower

  you are a pretty flower blood red petals and dark green thorned stem you have a pretty scent of seductive marmalade and morning dew magnolia pretty you are planted on a marshmallow maroon ground far away to be found … Continue reading

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  a shock of sky on lantern nights are tender dreams of chaos cradle flashing classic mermaids and horses hallucinated on eyes and thousand mimics are queer at times when children disappear   2013

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