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zoo is not & me in the daydream

  plastic mermaids plastic shoes broken playgrounds pink kangaroos running waters swim is free haunted mansions black strawberries muscles’ gym all strength trapped in union master’s bedroom battlefield i’m an army zoo is not and me in the daydream   … Continue reading

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  smokes spiraling in nostalgia heights left a chronic sting in my eyes absence of rain is obvious summer humid on my skin and drought to the fields children picking pebbles on the sand in nonchalance of the monster sun … Continue reading

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  needles of touch quietly prick my palm on your palm all electric shock travels on our spine and our mundane bodies fade from door to bed and we cling on each weight of alternate gentle rhythm that only resonates … Continue reading

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  aesthetic spectacleand youyour radianceinfecting mebecoming carnalso earthly thisso wide awakeare my savagesarcane mesweeping my skinmounting my passivemy submissiveeros   2012

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  the lips of your caramel flesh is velvety my skin trembles in hundred carnal waves below the constellation of stars we make love as we reach the climax of our aphrodisia then i’ve spilled a spoonful of white milk … Continue reading

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defense mechanism

  clever notes on the fridge they tell a brain of the enemies and their whereabouts the details are clear zone and maps of pagan roads of ruined cities our fences electrified where flying moths die and hands of the … Continue reading

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3 diameters of i love you

  silvery silvery silverywrapped in blue foiled canaryturtle hours and stalkersseated on a bench are the loners neon signs and traffic lightsmisty moonshadow sightspain killers and vampire bitescreepy hollow fright nights sweetheart notes on scented paperspop delight and ragamuffin shakers12 … Continue reading

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why should you die

  so much goodbye so much cry a little twinge of the lips i utter a sigh leaving is always a separation so painful and all tears go eyes meant to cry lips meant to sigh words of goodbye sad … Continue reading

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LiNe Of EaSt & WeSt

  we’re on a line of east and west too far to touch too near to hear this talk good sound as our lips depart words of little and big i love you’s   2013

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on thrill

  i feel myself on thrill an inch from you these eyes strip you naked my adultery playful thoughts steal your virgin face   2013

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