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crooKed aiR

  the crooked air nips like goosebumps on my skin forging the signatures of the ghosts hiding my name from all the eyes peep and pluck i’m feeling sick those gossips translate strange stories   2013

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  wide gaps are us disconnected with disenchanted zones of dirty religions and legions of submarines soft kisses are downstairs afraid of climbing us tagged us as hard lovers we cannot move in the crowd we are anesthetized   2012

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knoW tHe faR

  know the far it’s strange smell of land it’s different know more as days pass thinking more dreams have scenes i am here you are there far the distance we’re still alright   2013

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  stellar nearness and we sway these feet on the floor find boogie steps both us are body talks of silhouette and the room becomes eden where others stand like mundane mimicking adam and eve   2013

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  oh the green over there is wide on mountainside and fields are thousand fruits horses feet quickly stride and walk is the slowest and run is the farthest autumn is lesser cries journey of endless kilometers mona lisa smiles … Continue reading

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  hours are ghosts re-appearing fright is a faithless source of lie hurting a child sleep is disturbed in chronic dreams anticipated sunrise re-appears like boring popcorn our eyes see malignant movements of thousand jeopardy clinging and soaking this dry … Continue reading

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nEon pApers

  neon papers falling from children hands in a kindergarten room are placid goodbyes of delinquent and parental guidance televisions neon papers of cosmopolitan streets are pieces of skins for sale at nights when hungry mouths at home wait for … Continue reading

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