qualify pretense
plastic feelings

ignore serendipity
quiet morons

doses of liquid dreams
wetter marmalade

bury deaths unknown
diaries in fire

trick a crash on air
love you no more

build some castles
fancy rooms

feel and do not die
shelter peace

chapters passed
the end



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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7 Responses to HoRosCope

  1. I really like the imagery and moment captures in your poems.

  2. Wow, Maby it’s me but what a depth in this poem, cool written! thankyou for sharing!

  3. mattmisisco says:

    Nice man! I like that it is simple but still very thought provoking. Good job

  4. Snowdrop says:

    Hey, I love your poems!! Each is accessible but complex (I think). I wonder if you might enjoy the app ‘Opuss’? It’s a community of writers and free to download – I love it!! 🙂

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