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  night flees slowly like a stretched song where the coda is repeated on and on and on   2013

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  versus this solitary space a big time choice often temporary sometimes simpleminded sometimes cosmopolitan when self argues to self a massive dilemma one can avoid sometimes cosmopolitan sometimes simpleminded sometimes in denial   2013  

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beating more beating and less than the thoughts in mind in circles of logic and mundane beating in different surface of complicated circumstance beating more beating and slowly ignores how time drags these bones that keep me going when all … Continue reading

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harlot piece

  minstrel’s malady deepest burgundy scoundrel’s savagery plundered imagery yoke is hate minds elate soul’s state closer to fate toiled taboo eyes eschew the piece of you speaks adieu   2013

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noThing nosTalgic

  falter me sweet sweet talks all words are covered nothing nostalgic haunt me worry worry minds all thoughts are hindered nothing nostalgic take me carry carry limbs all bones are buried nothing nostalgic   2013  

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late night parade of crowded hopeless romantics

  we stayed behind while the others instantly left us from a late night parade of crowded hopeless romantics we’re charged with nervous unending apprehensions inside us and we don’t know what’s killing us but these hours of nearness and … Continue reading

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tHe sEntence

  flesh and me this earth worldly and ecstatic unfolding unfolding to what i do i don’t do what you do mind and me this sky infinite and far harrowing harrowing to his hell i don’t i don’t do hell … Continue reading

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tHousand gRains

  thousand grains of sands of dreams wicked closet of secret it kills good & bad they share a day love yourself until you love another   2013

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