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lowercase wallpaper names

  printed like run-on-lines invading space names of us both we are is a sacrament love alters not what inside us from where big heartbeats reveal the truth that is true on and on our lowercase names invade all space … Continue reading

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wretched #1, sad silence

  sad lyrics ofsad music ofsad winter ofme and thewalls stuck on concrete floor of sad moon ofsad night ofsad coffee ofme and thelullaby of silenceis snappingmy ears tonothing butsad silence   2013

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monday is a size in love

  talks in monday hours on boring tables we sit on chairs near the entrance where they stare glance and hate us this monday is a size in love of two hearts ignoring the world ignoring them and no one … Continue reading

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signing off

  hours of rush sheltered soundless sighs in deep mundane biology monday noon is an amnesia caught desperately clinging to truth leave leaving me signing off space is love and love compares to holding your hands in the light   … Continue reading

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  pieces scattered of pictures of us side by side on walls of our room we left sights captured in photographs sights of us of past of love remembering is human this rewinding side by side we collected a portion … Continue reading

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after the water

  then sleep, nothing remains in moving dreams inside the sleep deep, remains nothing but moving dreams inside and deeper sleep is neat on bed of coloured dreams but moving inside after the water   2013

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