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wood smell on air is freedom to know the knowledge of you is fault finding gravity is close to us where we are today is something we always remember   2014

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everything is made in china

  all cliche every day overused so abused buns in the oven might not know but mothers what’s underrated is big in the minds these hands play the many famous we’re so engrossed toiling and buying we’re satisfied   2014

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valentine’s day

  gold sunrise lighting from this window inside my room where hearts tuck in arrows and love is the beginning of today valentine smiles wrap in red feathers and we love each other so deeply we forget to say our … Continue reading

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bang bang bang

  rough waters and backstreet boys songs in friday lips of highschool boys they hear bang bang bang it’s a trip abused by guns of cosmic men notorious like savages in the public bus of a third world country young … Continue reading

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menstruation moon

the teeth of air biting this brown skin all evening i am chronicling in mind parasites of love but no lover steal and strangle these treasures it’s not my fault when i am crashing on bed early morning when i … Continue reading

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  look at me and you will see so simple so true and meek feel me deeper like the sinking titanic my surface underneath the earth is wide you left me a room and i was alone thinking how to … Continue reading

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new year

  nights shock me frozen underneath the blanket of blue triggers by the midnight alarm and the only sound i hear is the pretty danglingĀ of tiny bells hanging on my lonely wall   2014

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between the fields

  shadows creep on the surface of our love affair like sins secretly adapted by little children too vast meteors fall between the fields of corn and wheat like heartbeats beating loudly inside these bodies   2014

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  opposing you i’ve not succumb to goodness desperate to say no i’m reckless linger when absence is stronger than this force that divides our distance disloyal to the feelings you have   2014

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  filling the spaces of this white screen far is the mind from the present earth and above me is the sound of the sky subdued by vast hue of the universe blinking lanterns outside the house where the neighbors … Continue reading

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