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songs of the quiet self

words are playing with melody deeper here i am quietly and quietly i am singing where words are not heard but heard deep inside of me   2014

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all right all time in love

things are all right all right this time time changes it ticks it ticks all time hearts feel we are we are still in love   2014

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where the night is cold inside a room and the thoughts are timid to shout in the air where the heart is beating and to hate is a lesser feeling but to love is the greatest where you and i … Continue reading

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pleading— i can’t retreat aching details of past and present flogging my mind with intense censures breaking my skeletons ripping my veins i can’t die in this anguish   2011

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Perfect Love

Your Love I don’t deserve I am only a frustration But You give me Your grace Your Love is dying and rising I put my feet on the wrong shoes Walk the dirt road, wild and free When I am … Continue reading

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