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The Acts Of Now.

Does change shape me into the image I cannot comprehend? I rather contemplate. Things get better in good ways when I know how to tolerate. I cannot complain. When one hates the transformation of others, be aware. I accept to … Continue reading

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Second Chance.

Maybe we fall in love as quick as a blink of an eye. We are young to dream strange dreams on our strange beds. Our broken hearts leave us memories that remind us of our good times. We are used … Continue reading

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…out of place.

i am travelling on a shooting star. empty pockets, echo of a song. floating on air like a free balloon. countless book- shelves in the moon. the out of space library. aliens read, maybe, i don’t know. i am paranoid, … Continue reading

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Theory Of A Sense.

Love is an anchor of logic through time and space. It lingers beyond the knowledge of a human soul, hovers like a mystery on the great Milky Way. A world where there is an absence of grace is a mockery … Continue reading

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14,600 Days & More.

Who has many reasons To wake up every day? I have. Happy or sad, We must go on. When days are unique, They cannot be the same. But who wakes up every day With many, thousand reasons? I am. If … Continue reading

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The Vanishing.

I lost my true self Sometime ago. Believing that life Is more than normal, I chose to compromise. I entered a door Different from yours. Caught inside a world Of thousand demons. I chose to injure. I hated myself Sometime … Continue reading

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Drops of Jealousy.

They trample you, Destroy you until You feel you are Unfit to the world. The danger of what It brings to your door Is like a killer whale. Be aware not to choose, A feeling so unwise.   2014

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Period & A Period More Of,

You are a chaos on my limb.           Seeping badly, half to whole. Like a knick-knack creeping,           A version of a killer crane. Period and a period more       … Continue reading

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These Several Minutes Of Re-Visiting “Them”.

Forty years of youth, Dominance of overload Episodes and flashbacks. Embodiment of depression. Mild calamity in mind Recklessly ruining the Waking hours of the day, Sabotaging my reality. I tried not to engage. These several minutes of re-visiting “them” is … Continue reading

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Hey Namo!

You corrupted my good character and stole me from the time of no troubles. The laughter of my mouth is nowhere like a lost sheep outside the cold November night. I am hypnotized by the eyes of your long and … Continue reading

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