These Several Minutes Of Re-Visiting “Them”.

Forty years of youth,
Dominance of overload
Episodes and flashbacks.
Embodiment of depression.

Mild calamity in mind
Recklessly ruining the
Waking hours of the day,
Sabotaging my reality.

I tried not to engage.
These several minutes of
re-visiting “them” is
Hard not to acknowledge.

They come before I
Retire from my bed.
They come without
Knocking on my door.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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10 Responses to These Several Minutes Of Re-Visiting “Them”.

  1. It’s a brilliant idea to revisit one’s past and see how far we have gone. But always, there will be high and low moments. They high moments should encourage us and the low ones should be a challenge to greater effort if we want to make the most of our talents and opportunities.Continue to wax strong.

  2. Divine sorting is a job that one day we all must face. You have written a beautiful poem about this! It resonates with me so much!

  3. G.P Williamson says:

    Walking the line anyway regardless of which foot is trying to progress. The one from past we learnt from that attempts to drag is deeper into oblivion or the forward facing foot of life’s unknown. I love it. Good job!

  4. This was very powerful.
    As I read it, I was struck even harder by the last line when I simply stopped reading at the word “knocking.” (I know there are many different ways to read poetry & many different reasons for the words & syllables we write – just thought I’d share that feedback with you.)

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