Theory Of A Sense.

Love is
an anchor
of logic
through time
and space.

It lingers
beyond the
knowledge of
a human soul,
hovers like
a mystery on
the great
Milky Way.

A world where
there is an
absence of
grace is a
mockery to
the unknown.

We hustle our
hands to touch
what we covet
on the surface
of reality.

Our choices are
not always the
perfect product
of a major dream.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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10 Responses to Theory Of A Sense.

  1. This is an interesting poetry form. I just started looking at your blog and will read more. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Please visit my blog at .

  2. Nice. Very nicely penned Chester.

  3. mmm…Universal.
    Thanks for stopping by LifeofGeborgenheit.
    Best wishes, Rebecca

  4. Autumn Star says:

    I like the first line of this poem. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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