…out of place.

i am travelling
on a shooting star.

empty pockets,
echo of a song.

floating on air
like a free balloon.

countless book-
shelves in the moon.

the out of space library.

aliens read,
maybe, i don’t know.

i am paranoid,
acting as abnormal me.

on this territory,
i am…out of place.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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6 Responses to …out of place.

  1. amandagrey1 says:

    For some reason, this one makes me think of that new movie Interstellar…have you seen it yet? You’ve got some great imagery here.

  2. I agree with Amanda. The imagery is lovely and engaging. “Countless book-/shelves in the moon”. Wonderful!

  3. Very simple yet strong poetry.Defines us all in some type of way. Ain’t we just all out of place sometimes in this very complex biosphere called life?

    Keep Inking!

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