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Period & A Period More Of,

You are a chaos on my limb.           Seeping badly, half to whole. Like a knick-knack creeping,           A version of a killer crane. Period and a period more       … Continue reading

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These Several Minutes Of Re-Visiting “Them”.

Forty years of youth, Dominance of overload Episodes and flashbacks. Embodiment of depression. Mild calamity in mind Recklessly ruining the Waking hours of the day, Sabotaging my reality. I tried not to engage. These several minutes of re-visiting “them” is … Continue reading

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Hey Namo!

You corrupted my good character and stole me from the time of no troubles. The laughter of my mouth is nowhere like a lost sheep outside the cold November night. I am hypnotized by the eyes of your long and … Continue reading

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Being That, Fortress.

Groping, the hands make air. Eyes cannot calculate easily. Path, a left and right trek. In defiance of an attack, random. Steps, wider in gaps. Heavy breathing, sweats are Excess of a secret strength. The sarcasm to war. Loads of … Continue reading

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On Tapestry.

Unrecorded counts Of endless miles. Those unrecorded distance Of random drives. Untamed motions of Wild and free. Virgin muscles on tapestry.   2010

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The Outside.

The outside is Looking for me, Seeking me through The ends of the South China Sea, Calling my name In the foggy dawn Of the every day, Telling me to Touch the side Of the mountains And reap the corns … Continue reading

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Swallowing purple sugar sweet and mourning. Pouring acid liquid from these valid eyes. Throwing the sun in your big mouth. Watching your feet down on the ground. Finding the sun is rising again.   2014

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