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Love In The House Of Many Rooms.

So many love songs sung. So many love stories heard. When Earth begins to move And dreams start to come true, All beginnings never wish to end. All endings beg to fail. Things will never always right. Things are not … Continue reading

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Only Together We Exist To LOVE. Only Together We LOVE To Exist.

I stare at your face, my beautiful lover. I do not want to blink in minutes and hours. Your image after me is my remedy from the many pains on this bitter, broken world. We drive ourselves away from the … Continue reading

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Love Is A Power Of No Mistake.

I thought there would be you. Someone who comes through. The hollow you fill perfectly. My heart you touch directly. Up where I see you down. Long Christmas in a ghost town. We are caught like paper toys and burn. … Continue reading

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Lover Lover Love.

There is something extraordinary on the day we first met. Seeing you for the firs time is a miracle I cannot forget. When your eyes tell me thousand words that your mouth cannot speak, I know it is our quiet … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Live To Be In Love With You.

Don’t you know that I’d rather live to be in love with you than to live without ever finding how it feels to love and to be loved? I find it easy to drag myself, thinking how to approach you, … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Love.

I open my eyes to the morning sunshine. There I am beside my other half. We share the same heartbeats and they sound the same love, without hate, without mistrust. Every morning is new and what we are to each … Continue reading

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Beautiful Love.

We do not drift away from the circle of a beautiful love. The ugly notion of separation and pain is less admirable. We cease the feelings that manipulate us to believe the lie. The storms are just part of us … Continue reading

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