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Short & Crazy

Life is a speed of short and crazy us, we know that. We know how we parted so quickly. So quickly we’ve never even kissed.   2013

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The Absence.

Frosted waters are sleeping in the fridge and the coldness of us is the climate in our hearts. Winter lips are dry like barren caves where echoes are quiet and sad. Miles away, we hide what we feel. In days … Continue reading

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Where trees are green, where warm is your skin, where love is true, where sky is blue. So we do, so I do, so you do, so we do. Where you and me, where we see, where we know, where … Continue reading

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Drown down drown, typical clown. Up float up, cynical cat. Wicked wicked cinder, they hinder. Trap go trap, mistaken swap. Hide free hide, feet subside.   2014

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About everything we said to each other last night were the things we love to cherish. We did not fake them. We splurged ourselves in the expensive sum of flattery and innuendos. When we finished talking, we exchanged numbers and … Continue reading

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Velvet Hollywood.

Seven times I try to enter the game of Velvet Hollywood. The glamour there is a testimony that does not lack appeal. I applaud myself after all the victorious hours. The pleasure I won is a treasure inside the box. … Continue reading

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I know a little of you until I know nothing of you. Lights dimmed. My eyes turned to something that I cannot recall. Then, I do not know your name. 2015

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