Crossing The Moon Lines.

Silver little bars.
Intimidating the space
and the invisible there
which the eyes cannot see.

Horizontal, striped
sized shapes of
daydreams and the
jets in the skies
are flying hard.

The short breath
we forget to prolong
and each time we pour
energies from our insides,
we lack the power
to control.

We are the partner.
Heading somewhere
and crossing the
moon lines of
our paradise.



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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8 Responses to Crossing The Moon Lines.

  1. benditty says:

    These words have a great flow to them.

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  3. Imani says:

    The words flow together so brilliantly! I adore these lines.

  4. Swann Lavender says:

    Wonderful poem, Chester. I shared it this morning on my blog. ~Swann

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