Quiet Sacrifice.

I trade my pleasures

Trade it secretly
with things
you do
not know.

Your nonchalance
exists like
a bar code,
scanned through
my eyes, I am
the knowledge.

I aim with one
and I got this.

With one I do
not have other
choice but stay.
Instead I choose



About chester maynes

poet, and a lover of music and books.
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10 Responses to Quiet Sacrifice.

  1. Jocelyn BALDONADI Mina says:

    The moment will come and it will be the perfect time..

  2. rosevoc2 says:

    “I trade my pleasures secretly” precisely refers to a quiet sacrifice. The line is strong enough and controlled. I like it so much. Write on, Chester!

  3. An@m! says:

    Ultimate !! Nice work 🙂
    – Anami

  4. akeem54 says:

    Hi Chester, this is typically strong and very realistic. Life is about seeing it and bringing it out and many times through loneliness and pain. but it is all for good. Thank you so much for finding time to drop by and follow. My warmest regards

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