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I love you when I love the summer leaves in the field and all the daffodils dance like moonlight in my eyes. I love you when I love the scent of the pine trees and the lemon trees are all … Continue reading

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They Happen For A Reason

One sun, one moon and many stars. They are out of my sight. Blue sky, flat horizon and black birds. They intimidate. Deep river, slow tides and deadly quicksand. They are just dreams. I can tell you the difference between … Continue reading

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Wonder Land

I bring the moon inside my mind. The gravity pulls me toward the flat, blue ocean. My thousand stars have red eyes and their feet are standing flat on the summer ground. The birds fly over the huge sky, the … Continue reading

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I submit to the entire hour of desolation. The core of my thinking is nowhere. I’ve gone stray. My soul is in a blank state. To be me is exactly crazy without you. I can’t go on. There is a … Continue reading

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Thoughts intercepting silence. Thoughts colliding sadness. Thoughts corrupting madness. Thoughts defining greatness. Everything leaves to nothing and I become what I am and I am.   2015

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The Rift

Unknown. You better be. I don’t limit myself to you. These walls. I try to break but they won’t. They better not be. Torn. I don’t see the piece to be whole. Broken. This breaking is sharper than a knife. … Continue reading

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It changes. I wonder why all the sudden transformation has convinced me that I am going to be the next one. I sit down. I contemplate. I am ready. My thoughts agree to the notion of this. I will take … Continue reading

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