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It hangs, it lingers. It confuses the thoughts of me. In this limbo, I wait. You can’t tell. You can’t show. How silence grows. How absence blows. In this limbo, I pray. It bothers, it destroys. It longs for the … Continue reading

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Why I Am Not A Journalist

There is a dream that is lost somewhere and found by someone else. One time ago I dreamed to write my history and lend my hands to the world. But I did not become the one. I walked the other … Continue reading

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My Secret Universe

There is a secret universe in my room when the lights are off and I close my eyes. No one can see, no one can enter except me, and my secret universe is you. 2015

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& We Come To The Conclusion That

You and I were blind. Then, we let this love slip by. One, we misjudged. Two, false alarm. Three, carried away. Can we bring back time? Four, we tried. Five, here we are and we come to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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I Only Love You On A Sunday Noon

Perfect. I can be perfect. But I know I am not. Too soon. When I see you again, I know I can be myself. If I can be honest, I only love you on a Sunday noon. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Without A Saturday

There is love wrapped in paper foils and the air smells like a basket of magnolias. High is the feeling like a wave of intensity and a roller-coaster ride. I hum a famous song. You can’t wait to stress yourself … Continue reading

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Everything On Friday

You said everything on Friday. The words, the heights, the depths of what matter for you and how you love me unconditionally are all uttered. I look at your eyes frozen in awe while my feet are numbed on the … Continue reading

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