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The Heartache On Monday

Numbed. You left me standing, frozen in the rain. The drops of water nip my skin like sharp needles of a cruel finger. Black. All I see is a silhouette of torn and wrecked hearts. I know I will never … Continue reading

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Being The East Boy

Almost the end of summer. The porch in front of the house is a friend of this solitude. I set myself in a quiet corner. The morning sun is teasing who I am. It all makes sense to me now. … Continue reading

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Something In The Heart Of You

You might not be perfect. Not the saint, not the angel. Nevertheless, there is a treasure like something in the heart of you. Hidden like a box of gold, a priceless gem, more precious than the most classic, epic, paramount … Continue reading

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A Particular Piece Of Memory

I slice a particular piece of memory from the cake of these thoughts. This part isn’t just a minor case of an extraordinary life. A tender taste of smooth and sweet to the mouth like a cotton candy. I am … Continue reading

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The lips of the moon. The eyes of the stars. The hands of the earth. The feet of the ocean. This is the anatomy of the universe. This is the physiology of the creation. The kiss in the sky. The … Continue reading

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Same Mistake

We are the same mistake. We fell in love at the wrong place. We thought it was good. But everything went bad like a disaster. The further we go, the further we feel how we aren’t meant to each other. … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sun Day

I wake up this morning. This heart can’t lie. The things you told me, everything will be alright. I let the hours slip by. Home is the only refuge. There you are waiting. I listen to your heart. The sun … Continue reading

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My archipelago is oriental skin. I am in this brown pelt. Earth is still my friend. I begin to see the importance of a race and origin. The freedom that I cross is to love you unconditionally. 2015

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Sorrow is a black rose in Istanbul. Strength of a muscle is in control. Success is gold wrapped in velvet papers. Time flies at the back of our bones. The world is a big space to live. 2015

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