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You changed your mind. Gone out from the circle. Gone to a different direction. You perceive an odd world. The eyes see strangely. The mouth speaks radically. You become your own someone. You built chaos and a home. 2015

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Same where we were. Same where we are. One past, one now. We are not distant. The magic is always. The cycle is on and on. We connect and feel. We do not break. They try to intimidate. They try … Continue reading

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This Rain

Abruptly, water gushes from the sky. I hear the storm drops too loud. Wind creeps cold on my skin. Thunder slits these soft, small ears. The streets are too wet, I can’t run. 2015

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It’s just too real. I question why. The answer is clear. Today won’t change. I can’t falter now. I eat the truth. It tastes the same. It will remain. The answer is clear. Today won’t change. I have a mind. … Continue reading

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I Do Not Own This World But My Soul

I am desperate, seriously desperate. The angst I’ve known, I’ve thrown. Cry is an outlet of a broken heart, and some time ago I cried too hard. In the midst of these voices in my head, I deflect and act … Continue reading

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Playing The Shapes Of Your Thoughts In Heavenly Chords

Viral— Too audible of electronic guitars and too heavenly this heavenly and sound. Getting more of another playing, and playing. too heavenly this— You pluck those chords and pluck my thoughts to heavens and another. Heavens soar, I won’t sore. … Continue reading

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Underneath The Surface Of A Better Ground

Bad dreams, bad reality. I let them fade and put on my bright face. The world has to see how I cope. I live to forget the ugly images of dirty footprints of my past. Now is an existence of … Continue reading

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The Colors Of You And Me Paint Our Souls To Dream

With this love we keep asunder. The paper planes, burning lanterns, of memories we set and sail. Things we think when we are too alone, they break all torrid hell of our self. Neither one of us gain but endured … Continue reading

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He tortures himself with the thoughts of countless stones punishing him. The vivid flogging of barbed wires on his bare skin cannot stop to play in his mind. He lures himself to sleep but the power of imagination is too … Continue reading

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If we love with no bounds, it is the synonym of infinity. If we have each other with loyalty, it is our lifelong affinity. If we are the two that last, it is our destiny. We are better than the … Continue reading

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