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In The Skins

Stuck in the brink of self-crisis, smiles fade away, depleted. My world is a slow motion and thousand blinks of these eyes. I’d rather be confined far where the monsters are prisoners and love is not defeated. 2015

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Before You Say Anything

I know what I know. I feel what I feel. I keep what I keep. Do you know? Do you feel? Do you keep? Before you say anything, You must know, you must feel, you must keep. 2015

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Circumference, Part Four

Their minds cannot grasp the only meaning of who I really am. The significance of life does not drain but fill me with an energy to run along the odds and tides. I cannot untame my tamed soul. I only … Continue reading

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Circumference, Part Three

Consumed in the tragic of your rain, I withdraw myself from your cold state of mind. I go around this circle. I cannot contain myself from these random tantrums and breathe the air that can absorb you. Seldom we were, … Continue reading

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Circumference, Part Two

It feels right. It feels wrong. Where are we? We are in the middle of a dying circle, where we cannot already meet in one beautiful connection. Where we cannot bridge the gap but break. 2015

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Circumference, Part One

I have cold feet. I resist to sleep. My dilemma is black or white, I am. To love the light is to hate the dark. Pride is half dead. I escape here and discover the world, I did. 2015

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The Tree Of Poetry And Apples

In the middle of the field stands the tree of poetry and apples. His leaves are hands that write love and hate. Sweet is the taste of his fruit and I am wanting more. He drinks water rain and his … Continue reading

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If all I want is you then I should not have let you go. Instead, I let you choose what you feel, what you think is better for us and now I don’t know if I made the right decision … Continue reading

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One Slide

Slowly, thoughts fall from the inside of my memory, The ghosts of my past are suddenly crowding my brain. I dive in the waters and shut my eyes. The images keep pouring. One slide to another but I can’t still … Continue reading

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Put The Extraordinary

Loads of you. Flashes of you. Images flowing gently in my brain. You make me think. You make me remember. All things we have done. We remain friends and one. Even what will happen. Even what will come. The odds … Continue reading

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