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When Moons Are Gone

Sun is pressed on a crimson horizon of the twilight. Rain traps the¬†drought of summer in this every day. Eyes don’t see the failure of time when moons are gone. Dragons spew fire and I am on the hot seat … Continue reading

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The Siren

The hour sounds like a tick in the ocean. Her ligaments hide underneath the surface. She resonates her own songs and impresses a prince of the unknown. 2015

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Although I am broken, although the world cannot offer me a perfect life, only YOU whom I find peace. The volcanoes can erupt. The gravity can pull. The trees can bear fruit. The human faces can smile. I see miracles … Continue reading

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The Spiral Mind

Loud, becoming louder, then still. The noise utterly stops. When something better happens, it happens so fast. Untimely, something happens untimely. The audacity, this odyssey. When something happens one at a time. They spin continuously on one point. This head … Continue reading

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Scent Of An Absence

Suspended time and the aroma of your absence is drawing me near the madness. I cannot survive a day without you. The longing becomes a torture too unbearable. I trust that I can be alright. I tried. 2015

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Mantra in the morning, I pretend to sing. Numb, the funny frozen secrets of those lyrics are stabbing my I do’s. Flat wheels on the road are sold by merchants of the bankrupt markets. They fail to facilitate a bittersweet, … Continue reading

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Dirty White

The hour glass sits still on my overhead bed. I contemplate, hypnotize the morbid eyes of the secret soul under my breath. I feel myself. The underneath of my skin denies me. What breaks me echo on and on until … Continue reading

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